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as far as i know, in game making bussiness getting insulted in 1000000000 times much better than getting ignored

none of them are playing my game! sad!!!

sadly, there is not much i can do about that. the gamejam duration is only 1 month.

Thanks a lot! i really love them too! i don't have consoles though so i decided to make one myself for PC

thanks for checking the game! the turn order is based on the mech & pilot's speed stats. The enemy grunts are very slow (the boss is quite fast though) so there might be cases where you can move twice before those grunts start their turn.

Is the game too hard? At the moment I'm not satisfied with the hit/miss formula  because the miss rate is too high (only around 70% chance to hit a grunt? seriously XD). Thankfully the same formula is applied to the enemy so they also has a hard time lol.

if the judge refuse to buy your game you won't be able to win ...

i think it means that degica don't own the game's universe, characters, etc so if you want to make a sequel or selling physical merchandise, etc you don't need Degica's permission.

i don't think 1 hour is fair especially for action genre. If you have to make a 45-60 minutes platformer/fighting/beat'em up/shoot'em up then you're most lilkely have to submit a finished game instead of a prototype.

ex: 1 stage in a beatemup game is probably only last for around 5 minutes.