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Streamers/Youtubers playing the contest games

A topic by miracleJester created Dec 07, 2018 Views: 1,228 Replies: 17
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I was wondering if anyone here knew about streamers or youtubers playing through the contest entries. I've found a bunch myself. I will list them here and see if I have missed someone else, perhaps even add them to the post later on:


Indrah (

HawkZombie (

YourBr0ther (

hard_reset (


7thlittleleopard (

Ye Olde Bearded Dude (

Gabrelik (

hiddenone (

Studio Blue (

RPGtime (

Tea’s Jams (

Jomarcenter Gaming Gear (

Denom Rs  (

Xenoneo (

Chibievil (


GeizorTH ( [Thai]

Edit 1: Added hard_reset to the twitch section

Edit 2: Added Studio Blue, RPGtime and Tea's Jams to the youtube section

Edit 3: Added a non english section

Edit 4: Added JomarCenter Gaming Gear

Edit 5: Added Denom Rs

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Edit 7: Added Xenoneo

Edit 8: Added Chibievil

none of them are playing my game! sad!!!

I tell my friend to play my game and streamer it.

Thai language but the game is english.

Since this competition is english focused, I will add this to a non-english section


Studio Blue


Both of us will stream IGMC entries from time to time. I plan to do more soon!

Tea’s Jams

Tea does full play throughs of IGMC entries with the developers present to comment on aspects of their game!

Thanks! Added to the original post

Thanks for the list! Can get some really valuable feedback from their comments and experiences! :D


I'm both disappointed and relieved no one has done my entry. It's such a limited demo and doesn't show anything unique I'm sure it wouldn't do well but at the same time I kinda wished it was tried more.

Same with you.I beg my friend who are newbie for review game.

I can't trust someone who not know me for review mygame.

I think my games is all not good enough for Youtubers.

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For those of you who is thinking "My games isn't been let's play yet"

today is the holiday season and most of the youtuber might be on a break so not so much play for livestream.
For us here and @jomarcenter-mjm (who is a developer for @jomarcentergamingstudio ) were doing our best to check out your games before we live-stream it.
We do accept all games even is a troll games or not both on youtube and twitch. plus the fact there is also other project going on around JCGG it will take us some time to do it with a small team.

And also @jomarcenter-mjm is playing it blind so he have no idea what to expect when playing.

We do accept people sending us link to their games in case if we missed it, especially since it all curated by our team.

anyway good luck to all of the constant and happy game-making.

Were actually going live in a few moments.

We also created a little playlist of all the game been showcase so far. Each game is added few minute after every stream.

My game ,if you please.

I have 2 games you *might* want to try out. Really need other people's views on them. = The ShopKeeper's Secret (I think you should save this for last XD) = Insiders (A story based game demo)


Thank you for the mention! Although it seems the last letter of my link is missing. This would be the complete link has an "8" in the end:


Whoops, my bad. Fixed!


I also do some as well : I do take requests but am slow at getting them out as I do alot of creative work.


:O Thanks for the list! I really appreciate it! Hoping that we can get some feedback on Note To Self :)