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Thank you for joining the Game Development Challenge!

In celebration of the full release of Pixel Game Maker MV (@PixelGameMaker) we will be holding a game creation competition and invite you all to submit your creations made in Pixel Game Maker MV!

Genre and artstyle, it's all up to you! Make the best game you can and submit it for a chance to be chosen as the winner! The winning game will be picked by KADOKAWA CORPORATION (KADOKAWA) and Active Gaming Media (AGM) to be sold as downloadable content on the Nintendo Switch. This is your chance to make your dream of being a game developer come true!

Sponsors: AGM
Support: KADOKAWA 


  • Games must have been made with Pixel Game Maker MV.
  • Games must be created at a screen resolution of 1280x720.

*Use of the Pixel Game Maker MV “Enlarge Display” function is acceptable. (for example, creating a game in 640x360, then using Enlarge Display x2)


Submission Period:  October 3, 2019 ~ March 31, 2020


Awards Category

Grand Prize (1 person or group): 1,000,000 JPY

Side View Award: 50,000 JPY

Top View Award: 50,000 JPY

Multiplayer Award: 50,000 JPY

Pixel Game Maker Select Award: 50,000 JPY (This will be based on user votes so please make sure the game’s page is set to “Public”)

PLAYISM Special Award: The winning work will be published by PLAYISM.

*Winning games may be selected for use in downloadable content on Switch, novelization, comic adaptations, etc.

*Depending on the entries it may be the case that no titles are selected for awards.

*Winners will be notified via the email associated with the user who posted the game. The winner will bear all taxes and fees associated with the reward. Therefore, the amount actually transferred is the amount after deduction of taxes and fees.

* If you are working in a team, please discuss how rewards will be divided before the winners are announced to avoid potential legal issues. The sponsor is not responsible for distributing the reward among teams.

* The Pixel Game Maker Select Award will be selected by the selection committee based on the votes of the users.


Daisuke Amaya(Studio Pixel)
Takumi Naramura(NIGORO)
Rafael Grassetti
Koji Igarashi


This contest is open to individuals and group submissions.

Further restrictions on age and nationality are subject to the contestant's local, state, and/or national laws.

* Contestants must be at least 13 years of age or above and if you require the consent of a parent or guardian to participate, please make sure to apply with the consent of the parent or guardian.

* If submitting as a group with multiple people, please choose one person as a representative and have them submit your game.

How to apply

  1. Make a game with Pixel Game Maker MV
  2. Fill in the application page and upload the file. Please set the page to “Public”. Other settings are optional.
  3. Please either upload a build or project data.

*Additionally, please read the “Selection Criteria” and “Eligibility” conditions, if you agree you can complete the application process. If an application, submission or upload is submitted, it will be assumed that you have agreed to “Selection Criteria” and “Eligibility”.

Application URL:

Selection Process

KADOKAWA and AGM  will conduct a primary review and select  the final candidates.

The final candidates will be judged by all the members of the selection committee and the award-winning work will be decided.

Selection Committee

Maker Development Team - KADOKAWA Co., Ltd.

Pixel Game Maker MV Management Team - Active Gaming Media Inc.

Selection Criteria

The following items will be selected with priority.

  1. Uniqueness

 -What is the game’s structure?

 -What kind of action is offered by the game?


 -How well art, music, sound effects and story enhance the game.


 -Is there something that attracts players and keeps them playing?


     -Is there any expandability of the game if sold in the future?
     -Does the game have at least 1 hour of gameplay (multiplayer games are not bound by this)
     -The game is complete

Results announcement

Results will be announced September 2020 (subject to change)

The winners will be contacted by KADOKAWA via the email address they used to register on 


* A single person may submit multiple games.

* A free trial version is available so there is no obligation to purchase the product to participate in the contest.

* Games may be made with previously distributed or wholly original material, but must not infringe on the rights of others.

* Games uploaded to places other than where specified by the contest will not be eligible.

* Works that infringe on the rights or profits of others (including parodies and imitations), slander or defame specific people or organizations, contain material offensive to the general public, or deemed inappropriate for any other reason by the selection committee will be disqualified.

Additionally, if any works are found to be disqualified for any of the above reasons after the contest results are published, they may have their award revoked.

* If a submitted game is deleted before the contest period has ended, it will be disqualified.

* Videos, playthroughs, etc. of the submitted game may be freely distributed by KADOKAWA or by third parties designated by KADOKAWA.

* Winning games may be displayed/demoed at public events, etc.

* Games that have been made available for purchase on Steam or other download sites, published works, adapted works, or any other form of commercialization are not qualified for entry. However, works that have already been announced on social media may still be submitted.

* Should any of the above be found to apply to a submission it will be disqualified.

* Inquiries about the selection progress will not be answered.

* Any personal information supplied along with your submission will be handled according to KADOKAWA's privacy policy.


Regarding Rights and Privileges

At the time of winning (either at the time of notification or publication of results, whichever comes first), the winner is considered to have agreed to give KADOKAWA exclusive rights on the use of the winning content (including all related novelizations, electronic novelizations, comic adaptations, animation, motion pictures, games, merchandise, digital goods, translations, as well as other adaptations, reproductions, and uses, including granting said uses to third parties).

The winner also cannot use the submitted work for commercial reasons for either themselves or other third parties outside of our company without prior written consent.

* Winners selected for the publishing on Nintendo Switch(TM) will be required to sign an exclusive publishing contract with KADOKAWA (including the ability to possibly expand the IP to other media formats (such as comics, novelization, etc.)) that gives permission to produce any reproductions, translations, and perform any other task needed to carry out publishing activities. This also includes granting said permissions to third parties as needed in the carrying out of those duties.

* The publishing contract will conform to industry standards, including clauses relating to revenue sharing, payment handling, and other relevant concerns.  

* The IP rights are retained as property by the developer, and KADOKAWA will be unable to use them without express permission from the developer.  









株式会社KADOKAWA(以下「KADOKAWA」といいます)はKADOKAWAが開発しているPC用ゲーム制作ソフト「アクションゲームツクールMV」、「Pixel Gamer MakerMV」を使用して作成したゲームを募集いたします。



(例:解像度640×360で作成し、拡大表示:×2 にしたゲームなど)


PC用ゲーム制作ソフト「アクションゲームツクールMV」、「Pixel Gamer MakerMV」を使用し、解像度1280×720で作成した、オリジナルゲームを募集します。



大 賞(1名) :100万円












天谷 大輔(開発室Pixel)
楢村 匠(NIGORO)
ラファエル・グラッセティ(代表作:God of War)






①  「アクションゲームツクールMV」、「Pixel Gamer MakerMV」でゲームを作成してください。

②  本サイト(にてアカウントを作成してログイン後、言語表示を変更してください。



③  アップするファイルは、ビルドしたゲームデータか、プロジェクトデータのどちらかでお願いいたします。


KADOKAWAおよび株式会社アクティブゲーミングメディア社内にて一次審査を行い、最終候補作を決定いたします。 最終候補作を全選考委員にて審査し、受賞作を決定いたします。


ツクール開発チーム 株式会社KADOKAWA

アクションゲームツクールMV運営チーム 株式会社アクティブゲーミングメディア























・応募者は、13歳以上である必要があります。 年齢と国籍に関する追加の制限は、出場者の地域、州、および/または国内法が対象となります。


















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