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Dev questions/ progress post

A topic by Paranormal created Sep 30, 2019 Views: 101 Replies: 4
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Theme seems crazy and  it being halloween month I'm try and think of a spooky theme. What do you guys think of the theme any cool ideas you wanna spitball 


You can incorperate the theme however you wish, as long as you can describe the connection between the theme and your game (if asked) it should be fine. Try to think out of the box as possible or in the box. its upto you really. long as you follow the rules make whatever you wish ;)
Good luck


Thanks one more questions how about components like cinemachine is that allowed ? 


Any external tools or components that are not included with the barebone unity install are not allowed.

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thanks for clearing that up for me wasnt sure.  



so yesterday I began brainstorming ideas to go with the theme and think I finnaly came up with somthing. I started by creating my single script and begin coding out the player movement. do a simple point and click movement using the nav agent to help get things going a bit quicker ,and begin adding  mobile touch controls as well so they can be ready for the mobile version. Once I have that ready I add some place holder menus and such and somthing catchs my eye and thats the script generted with the Event Systems and wonder if that would be a issue hopefully not. Decided to take a break from coding and start messing with some music production and im using a Galaxy Tab A with the app Drum pad 24 and I create a simple melody I Feel that fits the mood im going for.  Once thats done I decide I would take a break and pick up tommrow  so stay tuned for a new update coming the following day.  


So got home a little later then expected not much energy so decided I would just do the bare minum today. Started working on the animations for the only enemy. Figured I could do a work around with enemy movemnt using the animator to handle it while using code to detect collion,time attacks, and help progress the story. When I get out of work on the 2nd I plan on tackling the combat in the game as well as set up timers to initate the attack sequence maybe even get to adding health. to the player


So after work I Jumped straigt into the collison detection for my player and enemy usign a simple compare tag and got it going, and gave it a quick test using debug and collison was dected. Now this part of my day takes a bit of a turn as I had gotten very sick after I had dinner and decided the best thing would be to sleep it off. So thats how my day went yesterday if you wanna hear more of my nonsense follow my twitter @paran0mralgames or just wanna keep up or ask questions about the games im making feel free to reach out .