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Hey there fellow followers / game developers (what a unique combination I may add) I'm little late but have been busy.  When I first started this project I was under the impression that we had to choose a verse and then pick one from the three given. The verse I had picked was 

2 thessolians 3:16  

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 

The verses for the contest I figure I implement them in literal and figuratively. Haven't figured away out but I do have my core idea and story I wanted to focus on.  I really wanted to re tell a story in the bible maybe one that not many people know of. The story I came to have decided was the story of the prophet hosea. His story immediately drew my attention as I found it relevant  to today's time. How God came and spoke to hosea to remain true and faithful to his wife while she wasn't. It's a metaphor for God's unconditional love for us. Now the topic may be a little mature,but I feel I could do it in a classy way and somthing thats with in the rules. 

Now for the game it's self I decided I would do a 2d platformer. You take the roll as hosea and must locate your wife while solving some sorta puzzle. Still working on puzzle but want it to flesh out the story.  The game itself won't be very long or to complex.  In doing so I hope to be able to complete the project. Having made a 2d platformer it's not out of my skill range.  

The art will all be drawn by me and the entire project will be coded by me as well so I will be super busy. I hope maybe if time permits I can do a stream of the art creation process but no promises atm. The only assets I may use are sfx music such I will pull from asset store. As of now I have only a few hand drawings and basic story outline. I will try and post updates so if you haven't follow me my Instagram and Twitter are @amontanez09

Updates coming soon !

Hey there fellow game jam competitors thought I'd give a introduction and what my selected bible verse. My name is Anthony and I have been developing games for a few years now mainly 2d games using unity. I joined the jam to keep my game dev code on point and try out new ideas while exploring the bible. The verse I decided was  

2 Thessalioans 3:16

 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you 

Now what I'm do with that verse I have yet to figure out so I'm excited for the upcoming jam and can't wait to see others. 

Wanna follow my progress follow me on Twitter or Instagram @amontanez09 I will follow back if your in the jam as well! 

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