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Nice enjoyed the puzzle of finding the key only issue I had was no audio during my playthough 

great graphics the pistol sfx is bit adorable but overall great work ! 

Thanks for playing! I know its a buggy mess but I appreciate you recording game play as it was super helpful 

Dude totally killed it loved it 

bummer i felt it may been a tad hard ill consider tweaking it a bit to maybe be more approachable 

thanks for the commit ya my game was defiantly lacking in the mechanic department ill try and  have a more solid idea next time around really appreciate you hosting the game jam as it was a lot of fun.

What a project this game was dope couple things i really loved where the jumps token as planing the jumps where the key to beating the game. also I love the audio that soundtrack was dope really good work on that .

i felt this game matched the theme very well i got a liltle chocked up in my first play through seeing the little evacuee van getting smashed by asteroids racing to save lives just for me to take off ..... 

this game has alot of potential  really had a hard time getting past 5 kills with various builds  doing multiple runs maybe Im just not getting the hang of it 

i love this idea as the core mechanic can be driving narrative in a story  really dope work

man this game was smart love the puzzle design and how well the controls work! i came across one bug which prevented me from completing a level but i still enjoyed it ! 

Man this game was fun i enjoyed it a bit much and im really impressed with the size and scope of the game all running off one script its completely amazing ! 

Graphics are dope i really dug the buildings and the models where dope, sound is great as well really fit with what you guys where going for. Controls are great as well really dug got the hang of it real quick overall great work fellas 

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thanks for clearing that up for me wasnt sure.  



so yesterday I began brainstorming ideas to go with the theme and think I finnaly came up with somthing. I started by creating my single script and begin coding out the player movement. do a simple point and click movement using the nav agent to help get things going a bit quicker ,and begin adding  mobile touch controls as well so they can be ready for the mobile version. Once I have that ready I add some place holder menus and such and somthing catchs my eye and thats the script generted with the Event Systems and wonder if that would be a issue hopefully not. Decided to take a break from coding and start messing with some music production and im using a Galaxy Tab A with the app Drum pad 24 and I create a simple melody I Feel that fits the mood im going for.  Once thats done I decide I would take a break and pick up tommrow  so stay tuned for a new update coming the following day.  


So got home a little later then expected not much energy so decided I would just do the bare minum today. Started working on the animations for the only enemy. Figured I could do a work around with enemy movemnt using the animator to handle it while using code to detect collion,time attacks, and help progress the story. When I get out of work on the 2nd I plan on tackling the combat in the game as well as set up timers to initate the attack sequence maybe even get to adding health. to the player


So after work I Jumped straigt into the collison detection for my player and enemy usign a simple compare tag and got it going, and gave it a quick test using debug and collison was dected. Now this part of my day takes a bit of a turn as I had gotten very sick after I had dinner and decided the best thing would be to sleep it off. So thats how my day went yesterday if you wanna hear more of my nonsense follow my twitter @paran0mralgames or just wanna keep up or ask questions about the games im making feel free to reach out .

Thanks one more questions how about components like cinemachine is that allowed ? 

Theme seems crazy and  it being halloween month I'm try and think of a spooky theme. What do you guys think of the theme any cool ideas you wanna spitball 

well I wanna say I checked out most of these already if you wanna trade some ratings let me know 

really different was fun trying to traverse the stages with  its unique  movement 

dope game beat it first try only recommendation would be to give the bosses there own unique set of moves

thanks I blame Wow Classic  ill try my best at making a more polished product 

Nice like the difficulty also this could be a cool mobile game !

Hey there Im looking for some feed back on my new game #Counterfeit and would  love yalls opinion now I know there are a ton  of games so if you can rate mine  and leave a comment I will go and check your game out first ! 

Please I literaly just finished

so is the standard assets package allowed like for basic controls ? 

Really dug the setting and the Audio sfx ! great job 

Awesome game love the passages as hints to the puzzle 

Enjoyed it the presentation on this one even though I was playing by myself I thought this could be a interesting learning and fun party tool

Dude Loved the intro it sold me immediately  and jumped into a match ready to end humanity . Sadly they where vigilant and I wasn't able to defeat them but I will give it a couple more trys .  Overall Great game  ! 

For some reason the game doesn't load up when I wanna play 

strange could of sworn I had a custom screen size enabled with the option to resize the resolution off 

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It was ment to be played in a small window. Originally wanted it for phone but just settled on PC 

Uploaded a new build check it out 

Yes my plan is to put it as playable in browser before voting ends. once I do ill message you when its up thanks for taking the time to check it out !

Nice climbing mechanics had fun jumping around and climbing edges 

not sure but I will look into that may just include all my files when i make a build

atm no I'm working on a update should be added soon I will add support for pc 

Love the concept  Im just really terrible lol 

dope game

Hey there fellow followers / game developers (what a unique combination I may add) I'm little late but have been busy.  When I first started this project I was under the impression that we had to choose a verse and then pick one from the three given. The verse I had picked was 

2 thessolians 3:16  

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 

The verses for the contest I figure I implement them in literal and figuratively. Haven't figured away out but I do have my core idea and story I wanted to focus on.  I really wanted to re tell a story in the bible maybe one that not many people know of. The story I came to have decided was the story of the prophet hosea. His story immediately drew my attention as I found it relevant  to today's time. How God came and spoke to hosea to remain true and faithful to his wife while she wasn't. It's a metaphor for God's unconditional love for us. Now the topic may be a little mature,but I feel I could do it in a classy way and somthing thats with in the rules. 

Now for the game it's self I decided I would do a 2d platformer. You take the roll as hosea and must locate your wife while solving some sorta puzzle. Still working on puzzle but want it to flesh out the story.  The game itself won't be very long or to complex.  In doing so I hope to be able to complete the project. Having made a 2d platformer it's not out of my skill range.  

The art will all be drawn by me and the entire project will be coded by me as well so I will be super busy. I hope maybe if time permits I can do a stream of the art creation process but no promises atm. The only assets I may use are sfx music such I will pull from asset store. As of now I have only a few hand drawings and basic story outline. I will try and post updates so if you haven't follow me my Instagram and Twitter are @amontanez09

Updates coming soon !

Hey there fellow game jam competitors thought I'd give a introduction and what my selected bible verse. My name is Anthony and I have been developing games for a few years now mainly 2d games using unity. I joined the jam to keep my game dev code on point and try out new ideas while exploring the bible. The verse I decided was  

2 Thessalioans 3:16

 Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you 

Now what I'm do with that verse I have yet to figure out so I'm excited for the upcoming jam and can't wait to see others. 

Wanna follow my progress follow me on Twitter or Instagram @amontanez09 I will follow back if your in the jam as well!