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yo this was awesome the ending I got was dope great work guys 

Dude great work loved the retro style 

try and look for a mvp 

Minimum viable product 

Essentially just enough so we grasp the concept of what your trying to get across 

It can always be continued later on so don't worry about the full story.

Cheers hope to see you finish somthing.

Hey I noticed alot more people looking for groups this time around. I made a introduction post and it got buried with lfg post which is fine but how about a intro first lol. Good look on your game did you have a hard time with the theme?

Hi everyone my name is Anthony but you can call me paranormal and I am a one man team. I enjoy making fps particularly horror but I am thinking of doing somthing different for this game jam depending on the theme. My current favorite project is killer baby. A game about a homicidal baby with the help of his imp freind set out to collect the souls of the dammed.  But if you guys are looking for a game dev freind who will give you some feedback feel free to message me! Feel free to introduce your self below would love to meet some fellow game Jamers

Good luck to everyone and thank you brackeys for another game jam

Loved this game definitely gave me the creeps 

thank you 

thank you so much I had a blast on the environment

Yes by pressing Q while near a item you should be able to look at the object 

Thank you for hosting these amazing game jams I always look forward to these events. Even though I felt the game play to be bland I was more satisfied with the scope and its way more in a complete state then my previous entry so that's a plus.  I definitively plan on updating Mystery Mountain would love to use this opportunity to explore more environment story telling. 

loved the environment but my audio kept cutting out 

Yo this one was different loved the voice overs and the multiple endings was fun 

Love the atmosphere of the planet deferentially was afraid of falling after my first attempt. 

great game but sadly i didn't get enough to pay for rent :(

thanks for feedback I was not to sure how I  wanted to implement the theme my initial plan was to use the light source as a cosmetic only and was to be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of keys but not really wanting it to affect game-play. After the jam I took some time off came back and played it and felt the general gameplay loop was dull. So I started  working on a update and added some shooting mechanics and a few new enemy's that could open up some possibilities to expand the game play and further implement on a loot theme. But again thanks for taking time for some feed back as a solo dev with no testers its nice to have someone play and get some feed back.

Yo this game was really good would like to see a mobile port of this

Hey thanks for playing I will be updating it  relatively soon for that specific issue and  giving it one more general update before I send it off 

Hey There Just posted the new update would love your opinion on it

Hey thanks for playing I can't wait for the next game jam and hope by that time I can add more mechanics and definitely a better way to tell the story !

hey thanks for checking out both my games I appreciate the input. This particular project was alot fun and definitely taught me a lot and I will definitely be applying what I learned here forward. Thanks for the recommendation I will be adding more to the series later on this year. 

Hey thanks for asking for The update it will be coming out 4/28/2020. A new level is being added along with other updates so next Tuesday mark your calendars.

Hey thanks for playing my game glad you enjoyed and cant wait to see your game-play. I will be updating it really soon and would love for you to check it out 

Just pushed a new update called 4b if you can check it out that would be great !

yes it's almost ready I been hard at work on it. I will be releasing a discord along side this new update so you could join and keep up with the new updates! Fingers crossed I can have it ready this weekend and when I do drop it I'll definitely let you know 

Thank you so much for your playing I watched your video thought it was great!I will be updating the game this week addressing some of the issues you experienced. It will continue to receive updates with more levels being added later on and fixing or completely overhauling some mechanic's. So follow me on itch to get the latest 

hey thanks for playing and the follow. I saw your play through and notice you where playing the first version I uploaded for the game jam. The new version has less bugs and is more of a playable then that one  but I will be dropping a new update this weekend. 

lol ok I plan on adding something to help players find a way to murder karen. Any suggestions on what I can add to make it more enjoyable. I'm always open to potential changes 

thanks again for playing means the world to me. Where you able to notice and pick up the knife relatively easy? I ask for design purpose as I plan on adding a help system to direct players to possible murder results 

thank you again for playing my game it means alot to me. There are still some issues with the colliders on certain objects, and I'll tweak the gravity so the player wont feel like your gliding as much. Where you able to kill karen ?

thank you for playing and commenting I'm definitely re-working the camera work after voting ends. Will definitely look into re doing the sound as well. 

thanks for the feedback will definitely work on that in the next update! 

Nice enjoyed the puzzle of finding the key only issue I had was no audio during my playthough 

great graphics the pistol sfx is bit adorable but overall great work ! 

Thanks for playing! I know its a buggy mess but I appreciate you recording game play as it was super helpful 

Dude totally killed it loved it 

bummer i felt it may been a tad hard ill consider tweaking it a bit to maybe be more approachable 

thanks for the commit ya my game was defiantly lacking in the mechanic department ill try and  have a more solid idea next time around really appreciate you hosting the game jam as it was a lot of fun.

What a project this game was dope couple things i really loved where the jumps token as planing the jumps where the key to beating the game. also I love the audio that soundtrack was dope really good work on that .

i felt this game matched the theme very well i got a liltle chocked up in my first play through seeing the little evacuee van getting smashed by asteroids racing to save lives just for me to take off ..... 

this game has alot of potential  really had a hard time getting past 5 kills with various builds  doing multiple runs maybe Im just not getting the hang of it