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Ripper Runner is a action-survival-timeattack game made with one script file.
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics (Is it pretty?)#23.8333.833
Gameplay (How fun is it?)#23.7503.750
Audio (Does it sound good?)#33.5833.583
Theme (Does this match the theme well?)#83.1673.167

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This was a great entry! The control felt smooth and consistent, the gameplay was fun and I loved the sound, graphics and lighting effects! Lead to a simple fun game and the scoring on running over an enemy you've killed was satisfying and made this replayable and enjoyable.  

Having the lit up police needing a ranged attack was a good touch as the other little guys in the game didn't really pose any threat.  

Overall though, the game looked, sounded and felt great to play - and nice job on the pathfinding/random walking of the enemies as that seemed to be working very well, having a fully fledged 3D game with this level of visual and sound in one week is really impressive - nice one! :D


Thank you for your feedback i am glad you enjoyed playing our game! thank you for your time, its great to see what others think of it as i was unsure of how well of a job we did with this game as time allocated was not well planned out but we are quite happy how things turned out. 


Great game! The fact that you guys pulled off a 3d game under the restrictions of the jam is pretty impressive. I also like how many people there are just scurrying about :)

Something that seemed to have been added, but was broken when I played it (both web and win versions) was the ability to change camera angles. I saw that LCtrl was meant to change them, but it didn't for me.. While I get how unpractical it would have been, it would've been fun to play from the perspective shown in the .gif :)

One thing I didn't quite like was that I found the game to be pretty easy; The enemies don't deal too much damage and running straight at them while pressing LMB pretty much guarantees an easy kill. Maybe having the protagonist more of a 'glass cannon', where you could die in 2-3 hits and the enemies would have longer, more telegraphed attacks would help alleviate this problem, but I don't know if that would've been feasible in the given time...

Anyhow, the game turned out pretty great, so congrats to everyone involved! :D


Awesome idea for a game and interesting take on the theme.