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Why only Unity Games?

A topic by Konstipower created Sep 09, 2019 Views: 173 Replies: 4
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Can I use HTML5 (in one file)? 

(yes, game engine just by myself)


I have considered the idea of a whole game in 1 script before but its not going to be so possible as you would need resources and other tools which would go against the idea  of one script. (at least i would imagine), i would be more open to the idea of a 1 script game if i knew more about programming game engines and such but for consistancy sake with voting at the end of the jam i decided to restrict it just to unity as that makes the playing field more level compared to some guy who decides to do all of it on his own which would win him "invisible bonus points".

Being in game jams before i am not new to the idea of newbies or pros going against each other and i would like to make sure the playing field is level and as consistant as possible. As i said i would be happy to go on with hosting a jam with this idea but for consistancy purposes (especially with this jam) i would like to make sure everyone is using the same tools and such. Thank you for your question.

So every HTML5 game would not count as valide submission?


if it's made in unity and exported to HTML5 that's fine, but if it's standalone made in HTML5 it's not valid as this jam is focused on games made in unity.

Okay thanks  :)