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Heavy Procrastinator Looking for a partner. (Digital Artist but don't like drawing) Locked

A topic by notcreativeenuf4_1 created Oct 13, 2017 Views: 315 Replies: 3
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User found a teammate.

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Hello World ;

Too generic for a interesting title.

Availability : [NOPE] 

Sorry i am taken :3

until someone provides me a way of contacting them i am still available :3 

Add me on discord if you are interested.   "notcreativeEnuf4_1#7314"

Reminder : i Procrastinate, Can't Code, can't do Sound and only know very little in drawing fundamentals. 

Because of that i aren't  "filled with Determination" enough to do Game Jam solo, that is why i want to see will i be able to at least make a game jam if i have a partner. (Still Risky, i know)

I just started learning to code C# in unity so i have like little to none in coding.

i Don't like drawing but is the only thing i know and i also SUCK at it.

I have Adobe Animate, Adobe Ps and Unity.

Things i had drawn contently but still sucks:


Anime styled chicks

half body portrait.

things that i at least tried but still totally sucks:

enum Body proportions {Hands, Legs, Torso, Boobs, Head, basically the entire body}

backgrounds buildings




Animation { Squish and stretch, running, character bounce. } 

Poses front, side and 3/4 view.

Things i differently can't draw or haven't even try yet:

Realistic Eyes and bodies.

Backgrounds that isn't listed above.

Poses that is beyond the standard front, 3/4 view and side view.

and everything else i haven't Type in just to be safe.

Reply here if you are interested in hiring me for who knows (well beside you) whatever reason.

never mind, just add me on discord "notcreativeEnuf4_1#7314"

Ok, I am willing to take a gamble with you.


Very well then.

Anyways to contact you?  Steam? Discord?

or are we just going to communicate telepathically?

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