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Dont know why you post it under someone else post.

 That is just pure story lore then the "mechanics/feature" but okay, good luck i guess?

what if gets shut down? where will the project go? what if the host dies?does the jam continues? what if we die? will we honored for attending the decade jam?

Since i couldn't stalk you in discord, Just want to say i am looking forward to see how sexy your game is gonna be :p

What kind of subject can we do ? 

Like, can we make fun of SJW, LGBT, Black Lives Matter, racist, sexist, Lations, musliems, refugees, immigrants, jews

What about, KKK, White lives Matter, white supremacist richard spenser, nazi, misogynistic, alex johne, steven crowder.

or is this strictly color black?

only one person joined. Will he submit a game? we will found out... soon™.

There is theoretically 9 rating per person(if only the person who made the game can rate), and yet only 12 ratings; with 5 of those ratings were mine.

Even if someone did "win", it would be pretty bias.



you made the game... unless i am wrong, the first level where the All mighty "Jesus Christ" ordered you to break the Statue  of a Monkey?

and it has been 21 since our last conversation...

Not average enough.

My croissant isn't made of metal.

no Game :p

well i thought about something but i couldn't do that thing because i am to, ya know, not into doing things. 

So i might just do nothing. 

100% no secrets.

Liar, you are't Justin Y

me kudasai

i had seen you before, but where.

no prob


only reason i stay and play is for the voice. other then that, everything you do in it is meaningless.

Killing things doesn't give you gold nor does gold do anything beside a number.

killing or not killing the monkey doesn't do anything.

 killing the boss does nothing.

i request a refund for the 10 minutes i spent in the game and 5 minutes for this comment.

other then that i got no stimulation(satisfactions) for patting her( cant even see my pixel hands, to me, i was just clicking and hopping something might happen)

i like the oppai i guess

EVEN IF IT IS pirated, no one will know =/ besides the guy who used it.

needs mathf.clamp :p

I wasn't planning to vote, but after watching your video.

 i voted one game :3


At least have a worst game category, so i could be mention XD
It's an interesting mix of the two game mechanics! You seem to have implemented several enemy types and weapons, that's a good thing!

 the enemy hp and gun damage is way to unbalance =/ The Gun does too much damage.

Although I must admit it's really difficult to play (it's not easy to concentrate on jumping and placing of the turrets, so I either did one or the other)

Maybe i should make the enemy in the runner a bit slower?

or i got an idea, each time you drag the turret it freezes time? I could try that out.

 And I don't really know if I should be avoiding anything in the endless runner. It didn't seem to have any effect so it would be cool to have some more explanation on that

Maybe i should add some visual feedback? i will think of something though thanks.

lso I think that what would be great is to have some more feedback from the game. Like for example more in-game effect of the "more ammo" and "increase damage" buttons

That was a last minute feature i added XD.

But yes, i will definitely have to find ways to improve on that, giving audio clue or some sort.

The graphics aren't outstanding ;) but don't come in the way of play and you can always improve that later after you've polished the gameplay. 

hehe, it was a choice between stronger mechanics and content or better graphics but with fewer enemies and one weapon, you know which one i picked.

it seems the placehodlers sprites puts players off, but yeah i will need to control my time a bit better for future jams,

Anyway it's a cool game. I'm just writing all this because you asked for ways to improve the game ;)

very nice of you to take your time to type this out for me, thanks man. 

and i will definitely exaggerated those visual clues and feedback in my next jams.

1080p monitor is very common now days O_O 

I set the screen size to 720p in the game page, seems to work fine now.

Yeah i didn't add much gameplay.

since there won't be many more people playing this game here is the game play explained.

you pres to E on when you stick figure overlaps the chair

you click on white bubble with a cover of a female and you reduce a boredom meter.

clicking the male cover increase boredom count.

to finish things off, you move the stick figure tot the bookshelves and click the female book cover again to have a boost of reducing boredom.

i know it sucks but

Thanks for the feedback.

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  Let's see your spin on it.

I don't know the in depth meaning of the comic beyond the context, so i am mostly doing a literally interpretation.

The game is way too big to fit in my browser window, and it makes it difficult to play and I can't see half the screen.  Please scale it down.  I had to zoom out significantly in order to play the game properly.

Yeah, i haven't learn how to scale the game proportion to user screen size.

"If Boredom Reaches 100; you know what happens."
No, I don't.  

In games you either win or lose, but meh i won't change how i word my instructions.

And there is no meter/counter that shows the boredom going up, so I have no idea exactly when it reaches 100; I just get a game over (so nothing really happens).

i notice the number for that font doesn't seem to work on other users. Not sure why.

I shouldn't be able to jump in this game.  It only hinders my ability to interact with things using E.  Please disable the jump.

I thought the game is already as boring as it is, so i just allow the player to do whatever.

But i remember watching a video about valve testing there Game Portal, that they added unnecessary cubes or objects, the player was trying to use all the objects to solve the puzzle.

I think this is exactly what is happening right now as well, that the moment they could jump, they are trying to jump on places like the book shelves to see if there is any hidden items or stuff. ( i will take this into account when i make puzzle games)

There are two things to do in this game: dream of books or read books.  Neither reduces the boredom meter for too long, 

I was trying to do a literally interpretation of the comic, sitting on the chair being bored and fantasize stuff. 

If the boredom meter rises to slowly, it will be to easy i presumed.

 and there's nothing else to do in this game.  It doesn't really approach the original comic's ideas, and playing this game is, well, boring.  If there was more things to do then it would be better, but as is I didn't have much fun with this.

After reading this, i had achieved exactly what i was looking for.

Nothing to do, and is boring. 

If it was fun, it wouldn't had been a literately representation of the comic.

While I was writing this, you updated the game to include a counter, so that's good.  I can still jump, though.

I updated the game before i read this.


And thank you For the great feedback!

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Update 2017/11/23: 

- After watching someone play test this game, i removed the ability to jump on the chair to avoid complications

- Fixed the Number not showing up by changing the font.

- Changed the screen size to 720p

(1 edit)

Known Issues

- Cost of Increasing orange sprite variable that subtracts the other square Variables  is too cheap. 

- Pink squares can't subtract orange Sprites Instance variable  due to wrong  variable being called.

- Purple sprites are useless.

- Takes too long for the Squares to increase there Local variable to withstand the constant spamming of Orange pea sprites.

On Next update (for personal benefit, none related to Game jam)

- Create More Squares at Every x seconds.

- Add a Giant Square

- Allow the Player to adjust each Stationary Sprite Targets.

- Allow Player to increase Purple Sprite Variables.

- Balance the "scraps: " costs.

- Last but not least, change those Sprites to something more aesthetically pleasing,

Graphics? who needs them! ... just kidding, i will add some Later. 


Does that mean i won?

Game Actually Works Now if anyone is Caring. 


NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the level wont Load!!!!!!!! i fail.......... i fail ...................... *sigh* is okay. There will be an other game jam.

Thank you everyone for taking your time to read this and if you played my game Thank YOU!

OMG, I DID IT. MY FIRST GAME THAT I MANAGE TO SUBMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I AM SO PROUD even though the GAME is Totally Unfinished!!!!!!!!!

Never mind, I just notice you can right click and hold to enlarge the text.

But I also discover that if you right click and hold and drag the card off the black box area (where the card are displayed) to the bed for example The card disappears.

mot sure if it's just me.

but reading the text is a bit hard. 

other then that, Erotic game!!!

her mouth is so off center.... ... other then that, GOOD work on making it in one week.

as for me, i only  got like less then 20 hours to do the coding and arts,  i will only have time to do  quick sketches *sigh*

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Last Updated: 27 Oct 2017

Minimum Viable Product:-

Space bar and Right click or z and x.

Game Design Document Link :-

Character Drafts:

First Left is the Heroine, The mid and far right is the 2nd Main Character.

Redesigned the Heroine (left) to make it more Heroic like then Weak and fragile.

The Antagonist on the right is mostly the same just a bit more refined.

sometimes i wonder why do i even bother trying to draw cute characters... it never looks cute ;_;

------------------------------------useless information below this point------------------------------------

After reading "peachpattch" Dev Log i am going to Start this Game Jam as well with

16 days to go and zero  preparation,


Okay i wont spend too much time writing stuff here, i will Write out a GDD in InDesign and post the Google Drive link here instead.

My Current idea is Lolies, WHO DOESN'T F---ing Love LOLIES???

Story, Love i guess? since this is a love Jam Right???

Will i even manage to start making one? who knows. ( i don't even know my self. )

Update Log:
2017_10_27 Heroine Character concept finish
2017_10_23 MVP added.
2017_10_23 GDD updated
2017_10_22: Character Draft Refined Added
2017_10_20: character Draft Added

2017_10_18: GDD added

2017_10_15: Created a Post about nothing.

Very well then.

Anyways to contact you?  Steam? Discord?

or are we just going to communicate telepathically?