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What Consists of a 'Button'?

A topic by sketche99 created Sep 21, 2020 Views: 209 Replies: 4
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Hello all,

At the risk of sounding slightly unintelligent, just wanted to confirm what consists of a button?

Let me explain, would the Directional Pad on a controller be considered a button? 

If so, does that mean we can only use directions and not another button? 

Also, if not using a controller, would arrow keys be ok, since they are 4 separate keys? 

Another question, for PC, would using the mouse for movement and a mouse button be ok? 

Just wanted to know what my limits were so I can work within them.



I'm guessing that the Playability Initiative would say any button on a keyboard but might be concerned that a mouse button might also imply use of the mouse to control a cursor.  Other conversations I've had seemed that anything goes until the game actually starts and then it is limited to one button/key

Jam Host(+1)

My personal view, is that it would be smart to use a control that is commonly available to assistive technology:

PC = Left-click and/or SPACE BAR..... One single input to start, play, and restart the game. No mouse pointer movement, and no extra keys needed.

iOS/Android Touch = A large static target area (ideally most if not all of the screen). To start, play, and restart the game.

Console = A or CROSS button, enough to start, play, and restart the game.


Thanks for the clarification. This maybe harder than I 1st thought...

Jam Host(+1)

If helpful, there are some useful examples here: OneSwitch PC Games - especially so the cause and effect and low pressure area. Not all would fit within the parameters of this competition, but it may give some examples.

I've even seen a couple of one-button (and you only need to touch it once) games in the arcade. Both redemption/ticket games. One based on Frogger, where you press an illuminated green button, and it sets a frog off (up - pause - up - pause - [repeat]) - across a busy road, then river, trying to get to a safe lily pad.

Another was a bit like Angry Birds, with a human cannon ball, where the cannon constantly automatically adjusted the angle. When you hit the switch you fired the man out across a city scape, trying to get him to land on top of a sky-scraper. Basic, but shows just how far you can reduce controls to make a game.

Good luck, and I hope it doesn't put you off.