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Jack wanting to play a gameOne Button Game Jam 2020 is inspired by The Playability Initiative.  There will be a Judge's Choice and a People's Choice Award. This jam is not just about accessibility or using design constraint to encourage innovation. We are looking for games that specifically meet the following criteria:


  1. Using a mechanism for when a button is pressed down
  2. Preventing the player from losing or causing detrimental outcomes if they step away


  1. Using a mechanism for when the button is held, released, or mashed
  2. Relying on reaction rates or precise timing
  3. Relying on frequent button presses that can become tiring for some people

Some suggestions for achieving the above criteria but allowing for choice and responses are:

  • Using time-based cycling between options
  • Using large timing margins of error
  • Allowing for undo if the player chooses the wrong option
  • Including accessibility options to control timing speed
  • Pausing the player at decision points
  • Also please make your submissions free until after the jam, preferable executables or browser based. 
  • Mobile games should have screen tap only, no swiping. 
  • Purchased open source artwork and code snippets from previous projects OK. 
  • I didn't think this needed to be stated but after having to remove 3 EARLY entries  that were made and finished long before this jam ever started, as well as entered in other jams, let's not violate the spirit of "the jam"

INSPIRATION SOURCES: (Some of the following examples are not perfect and may violate above criteria)

The Playability Initiative is using gaming to celebrate creativity, nurture togetherness, and activate empathy, in service to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community and beyond and is founded by the team at Numinous Games. Numinous Games first title, That Dragon, Cancer, was created as a poetic memorial to their third son Joel, and Joel's fight against terminal brain cancer. TDC received broad critical praise, winning a BAFTA award for innovation, G4C award for innovation, and a 2016 Peabody / Facebook Futures of Media award.


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Enjoy some vacation in the forest with your friends
Pumpkin season is here!
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A one button dungeon crawler
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One button arcade game
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For the One Button Game Jam 2020
Slideshow with Bible Promises for SUPPORT IN TROUBLE
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A game about getting milk.
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You determine what seed you will Grow
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A game for One Button Game Jam 2020
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One Button Peggle is an arcade game based off Peggle, except it only uses one button.
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it is glichy but fun