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Hey silversatyr, thanks for the feedback and the Youtube play through! Seeing someone else play shows me things that I couldn't see being so close to the project.

As I have mentioned in a previous comment, level design / level layout isn't my strong point, but I do believe that with each game that I make that I get a bit better, plus feedback such as yours points me in the right direction. 

Also, other basic game design things I have to remember for the future is to add a how to play or how to control screen, probably during the loading  screen or splash screen. The  jump and you die bug I never encountered, so thanks for spotting that for me. Also, I didn't realize that the coin counter reset after 100. I added the extra coins to try and "pad" the length of the game. I also agree that the game could have used some sort of in-game back story or explanation for the reason why you kill bugs and collect coins. The size of the levels vary from small to large, so coming up with a good traverse speed is a bit difficult, but something that I'm sure I'll get right in a future game. Finally, about the difficulty level, I did want the game to be like an E for everyone, and I wanted my 3 year old daughter to be able to have a relatively easy time playing it, but I agree the challenge could have been ramped up.

Thanks again for the feedback! Hopefully a future game will be a much better example of a proper 3D platformer!

Thanks for the feedback ad48! I really appreciate it!

I admit that level design is not one of my strongest game design skills and is something I am actively looking into improving. Thanks for pointing those level design based things out to me. I know that level design in general isn't easy, and going from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions doesn't make things any easier, but I'm a big fan of 3D platformers, so I'm certain that I'll get it right one of these games.

The MeshColliders on the gates was a bit of an oversight. I did think of adding box colliers to them, but didn't want to go crazy with colliders as it would start to cause performance issues. In fact, I had originally had an open word type city level planned  for the game (you can even see the music credit for it in the credits screen, as I forgot to remove it), but because it was so big and with so many colliders, even with mesh combining it started to crash my Unity so often (every time I tried to enter play mode), I had to scrap it. So, after that point I was a bit nervous about going collider crazy.

As far as Open-sourcing the game,  i'd love too, but I can't. Most of the game was created with assets purchased on the Unity Asset Store. Aside from the Unity Chan model, loading screen artwork and  the 2 tracks from the Unity Chan Album, everything else was purchased either on the Unity Asset Store or from Meaning that I have licences to use them, and I can't open-source assets that I purchased from a content creator, without their permission. 

Again ad48, thanks for the feedback, as I believe that it will help me to make even better games in the future!

Thanks gaelicdream! I'm glad that you found some enjoyment in my little game! Cheers!

Thanks Xorclev for the feedback! It really means alot to me!

As far as the glitches go, I knew that the head stop sometimes didn't work but didn't know how to fix it. Its actually an issue that I discovered after buying that particular asset from the unity asset store, I reached out to the content creator about 3 times but never heard anything from him. Hopefully, I can partner with someone that knows scripting and unity better than myself and we can figure out a fix for that, as I really do like that particular game template. 

Also, the teleport glitch that you mentioned, is something I discovered after I submitted my game. The way the teleporters work, is it looks for a collision, and whatever collides with it, triggers the  level jump. Problem is, the bugs have 2 colliders, 1 to determine if you are stomping them, and a 2nd larger one that acts as a vision of sorts, so when you enter this trigger, it causes the bug to chase you. I discovered that if this 2nd collider hits the teleporter, it triggers the level jump. I should've set the teleporter to collide only with the tag of player to trigger the level jump. 

Lastly, I feared that there would be a giant bug  (no pun intended) that might cause a need for a game quit. The backspace key can quit the game at anytime (not just when the game is paused), as long as you are in a game stage and not the tile/level select screen or credits screen. 

Thanks again for the feedback! I feel it helps me to make (in my opinion) better games!

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah it was inspired by an old 90s DOS game called "Chex Quest" that came in boxes of Chex cereal!

Hey Kris, I sent you a message on FB messenger.

Hey Bugala, thanks for the review! 

By the way, I really love your reviews as they are so through. 

Yeah, about the number of players, it was actually more of a hassle than I expected it to be. The game template that I used had 10 characters so I figure as to not break anything to keep 10 characters. The characters pretty much all play the same, so you can pick one you like and not be at a disadvantage for not choose a specific character. 

Another thing, the bumper engine is made formaking games like the Dreamcast era Sonic Adventure games, that focus on speed based platforming, not really exploration type platforming, although that's what I was going for with my speed game. Myself personally, I don't think that an open world sonic game would work too well, but I decided to give it a try anyhow. 

Also, level design / level difficulty has always been something that I have struggled with. Again, I could have implemented more, level design wise, if I didn't have to fight with getting the dialog and way point arrow to work with 10 different players. That alone ate up most of my 2nd week of speed game.

Lastly, I always have a struggle with designing bible games, as I want to present the Bible, without seeming too preachy or not making a lack of Bible knowledge a game penalty. I wan't my games to be a way to learn more and not make you fell bad if you you don't know any.  And this always seems to be a challenge.

And lastly, lastly all of the music in my game was played on keyboard by my lovely and talented wife. She loves to play hymns and I love how she plays. I know not all of my speed games have used christian music, some used royalty free music without words or chiptune music. I know that not everyone will like christian music, so there is an option to turn the in game music off, so you can listen to your own music as you play, if you wish. 

But definitely the biggest take away I got from this years speed game was to not think big. Think small, and as time allows, get bigger. 

God Bless!

GamesForFun, you are correct. The 3 different times of day all have the same level, just different musics and skyboxes. I originally intended to have 20 civilians on day, 30 on evening and 50 at night, but due to time constraints, they all are the same.

So I did manage to squeeze in a bit of time to fix the Bible Bunny / Hymnal Hare palette swap and to make the night time stage "bluer" and reupload them this morning. Also, you could check out the webgl version if you didn't want to download the game just yet.

Just upped my game... and found out that Hymnal Hare is actually Bible Bunny. 

I mean I know they were supposed to be a simple palette swap anyway but... I don't think I have enough time to re-export and re-upload the 4 files (webgl, win, mac and linux executables)

ugh... beta / bug testing... there's nothing else like it... 

Hello everyone. Sorry if I seemed to drop off the face of the Earth. I just had waaay more problems with my speed game than I anticipated. 1st of all, having 10 playable characters meant testing 10 different characters, and I still don't think I gave each character proper bug testing sessions, so it may be some bugs in the final project. 

Also, most assets for dialog or even the waypoint arrow that I wanted to implement are setup for a single player character, in the game scene, at game start, and not multiple player characters that are added to the game scene at run time. 

It took alot of time (and prayer) to get the game working in a somewhat close manner to how I originally envisioned it. Also, there was sooo much stuff I added. Strangely, it was not feature creep (which usually hits hard about week 2 of speed game for me), but it was actually sticking to my design doc. I hadn't realized that I had actually overreached quite a bit in my initial concepts for my speed game. But with some help from the Lord and some perseverance, my final project should be about 80 - 85% of what my original concept was for my speed game. I know that some features where there as a "only if time permits" scenario, but strangely enough, most stuff made it into the final. 

For example, the day, evening , and night variations (although in my opinion, evening looks the best, and night isn't dark enough) made it into the final, although the citizens to find are all the same number, instead of incrementing as the day drew on. 

Also, I was starting to fear that because I was adding so much to my game, that Unity was eventually going to just throw a fit and just not work anymore or I import some asset and completely mess up all of my project settings. Thankfully, even with almost 18 different unity store assets added and everything was still working fine, Praise God!

In hindsight, I really think I could've made a much nicer, (and less stress inducing) and simpler game and just called it a day. All in all, I like my speed game, only because of how much effort I put into it (and how much fighting and prayer went into it). I honestly don't know how fun it is, or how easy or hard it is, or how Christian it is (I mean it is, if you read the dialogs, but if you don't read the dialogs then I guess its not actually). Hopefully, someone, somewhere will find it to be a blessing.

Here is the test video from yesterday

Made a bit more progress today. Got the rest of the 7 characters reskinned, managed to get a game play flow from title screen to character select to stage select to actual level. Made a game play vid, currently waiting for it to upload to youtube. While playing saw a few character select name stuff I need to change, and found out one of the player characters pause menu is all jumbled up. Next up is implementing the dialog / encouragement interactions, followed by pickup item and enemy placement.

Made a little bit of progress today. I recorded 2 songs for the game that my wife played on the keyboard and got 2 more characters reskined. 3 characters down and 7 more to go! 

Nothing much to post for the last 2 days. Yesterday after work and dinner, went to prayer meeting and after that went to bed. Today, after work and dinner, I put the finishing touches on another game jam game. Definitely tomorrow i'll be back working on my CDN speed game. 

A short video of day 2 progress

Made a tiny bit of progress. Got most of the art assets into the bumper engine in unity. Managed to reskin the Sonic Motobug enemy into a Depression Spirit. Also, managed to reskin one of the 10 playable characters (flat poly Mania Sonic), however since the Bumper Engine characters all use Generic mecanim animations, and I prefer to use Humanoid (makes it easier to share animations between characters, in my opinon) I used the animations from the SD Unity-chan Adventure Action Pack. It took a few tries to get it right, but 1 down and 9 more to go...(or I may want to consider having fewer playable characters since they will mostly all play similarly to each other unless I can convert the Generic animations to Humanoid). I am still staying prayerful about how to bring up the topic of suicide in this game, if I will even at all in this game, or if I should make a completely different game, more serious to tackle the issue. Will keep everyone posted.

Just finished my Design Doc. This is the first time I've ever actually made one! Hopefully it will help me to stay on task!

The Encouragement Kids - Design Document

Thanks for the heads up about possibly glorifying suicide. I'll change my backstory. I had hoped to approach such a deep and heavy subject, mainly due to the 2 celebrities that recently committed suicide, while the topic was fresh in the public eye. The light and cartoony presentation was not to take away from the seriousness of the topic of suicide or depression, but use it as an easier way to break the ice on such a subject. I'm sure that you have heard of 'Bert the Turtle' and the whole concept of "Duck and Cover", which dealt with the very serious subject matter of nuclear threats upon America. This message was presented to hundreds of schoolchildren with a cartoon turtle and a catchy little jingle, followed by live action demonstrations of ducking and covering. What this does is catches your attention and helps you to remember the topic more easily than if you had someone just start with an explanation or expounding on a subject. But, thanks again mentioning how I may actually end up doing the reverse of what I had hoped and intended to do with my speed game.

6-10-2018 CDN Speed Game rough draft idea

Inspirational Bible Text:

1 Thess. 5:11

Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do.



The story is about a young boy, whose friend had committed suicide, latter on that night, the boy has a dream that he has assembled a super team of kids to save the city from depression.


Game Title:

The Encouragement Kids


Game Overview:

The Encouragement Kids is an open-world Christian game where you must find a set number of depressed people in town and encourage them with uplifting bible text.


Game Highlights:

 Open World City – with 3 time variations (As Speed Game Timeline allows), Day (skybox sunny), Evening (skybox red), Night (skybox night)

Collect Bibles – they keep you alive, like rings in sonic

Defeat Depression Spirits – they are the bad guys

Find Citizens – to encourage, some maybe locked away by the depression demons, and need to unlocked by finding nearby switches


Unity Assets:

Game Template: Bumper Engine by SuperSonic68, based on LakeFeperd's HedgePhysics

(Sonic Adventure Style) -


Buildings/ skyboxes/ vehicles – Hammer 2!/content/43670


Enemies - Armored Guardians – Depression Spirits!/content/41230


Dialog Engine – Will use either of these

NPC Chat - Dialogue & Event Trigger System!/content/9723

Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes (LDC)!/content/5020


Player Characters:

Scripture Bot – RoboDude!/content/13319

Bible Bunny (Grey Male)

Hymnal Hare (White Female) - Toon Bunny!/content/50273

Stoic the Android - Platforming Game Development Kit!/content/28476

Deborah - Cute Casual Female!/content/12308

Daniel - Cute Male Hoodie!/content/12064


Solomon - Cute Male 2!/content/13331

Sheba - Cute Female 2!/content/14144

Lydia - Female 3!/content/34929

Levi - Cute Male 3!/content/18090


City Citizens - 32 Extra Human Pack (depreciated)!/content/20291



Mini Map System - DragNDrop Minimap(Radar)!/content/91675


Will try to work on a proper game design document today

I apologize for not responding sooner!

The clock in the upper right corner is actually a countdown until a speedup.

So each time the counter changes (say from 1 to 2), the screen will briefly display a "speed up" message and the levels speed will increase slightly.

I will look into seeing if I can figure out how to adjust the movement speed as the level speeds up.


I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner or put this information in the description, (which I will now).

So for each carrot you get 100 points.

Get 1,000 points to get a star.

You need 3,000 points in Level 1 to unlock Level 2

You need 5,000 points in Level 2 to unlock Level 3

There are only 3 levels.

Hopes this clears things up!


I'm sorry that I didn't test my Mac version before uploading. I will try to post a WebGL build after voting is over, and try to reupload my Mac version.

On the version downloaded from google drive, once you are in the city did you press the F Key on your keyboard? It should have started your mecha to float so that you could use w,s,a,d to fly and the mouse to look around. I didn't have time to add enemies or any kind of collectables. Hoping to update the project soon though. Cheers!

Here is a link to the correct version on google drive...

Thanks for the comments again. The game is basically a mech running and flying around a Japanese city. There is really no enemies, no collectables, just explore the city in a mecha. I hope to add more to it in the future.

I just realized that I had not tested my .exe before uploading and there is an issue, (forgot to uncheck the 1st scene in my unity build settings). I can't reupload due to the jam ratings going on but i'll see if I can upload a corrected version on the Matsuri Mecha page. Thanks again for testing and finding this "bug". Cheers!

(1 edit)

Thanks for the frank review. Just found out that I forgot to uncheck the 3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode from the 0 spot of the build settings. My version in the build settings worked because I only used build spots 1 and 2 and from 1 and 2 you never go to 0. I can't upload the correct version due to the voting of the Jam, but I will try to add a google drive link to the correct version on the Matsuri Mecha page comments. Thanks again for the revelation and now I know to test my .exe's before I upload them! Cheers!  

Here is a link to the corrected version on google drive:


If you press the "ESC" key during the game, the pause menu has an option to quit the game.


Thanks! It means alot, and I really wish I had utilized the entire 30 days (or at least 2 weeks instead of 2 days) for development but didn't really have the time. Also, don't feel bad about lowering the AI difficulty, as I only play on easy myself as the higher difficulties are pretty savage.

A great take on a fighter. Never thought of a turn based fighting game before. Not sure if the kick, punch, uppercut system is similar to rock, paper, scissors or not, but knowing if a kick beats a punch, but an uppercut beats a kick would be nice to know or I don't really know what type of attack to select other than just randomly selecting one. 

A great effort and a nice fun game to play! Great to see multiple characters and the menu is a nice touch too!

Great Job! The game really reminds me of Ragdoll Kung Fu on PS3!

Lots of fun and fun to play!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that participated in the Black History Month Jam this year!

I wasn't sure what kind of turn out I would have, as far as completed and submitted projects but with 6 completed entries out of about 12, I feel pretty good about having the Black History Month Jam come back next year for 2019!

Next time, I'll try to sweeten the pot by having some prizes available!

So again thank you to everyone that participated and now lets play some Black History Month inspired games and be sure to share them with your friends and family!


Hey Migdall, Thanks for submitting a game to the Black History Month Jam! I really like the concept of your game and would love to see more levels added to it in the future! 

Nice game TamRaeTron! The concept is really cool and so is the music!

Looking forward to your 2019 Black History Month Jam entry already!

Thanks again for participating in the 2018 Black History Month Jam!

I used assets from the unity asset store:

Easy Main Menu -!/content/98746

Baseball Quiz Template -!/content/10203

Cute Black Girl 3D Model -!/content/14144

Closing Credits Template -!/content/14169

Pause Controller -!/content/28155

The Music is from Smartsound:


Hello to all who have joined the Black History Month Jam, and thank you for participating!

I hope that we get some great, fun and informative games from this jam!

I also have made a short trailer video to share with others to get the word out about the Jam!

I hope everyone is having a good time planning and or creating content for your Black History Month Jam project!


Hey SniperDanPro, thanks for the feedback! I did want to add some sort of enemy or challenge to the game, but due to time constraints and fearing the possibility that due to difficulty one would not be able to find all 28 beliefs, I set the game up the way it is. I do admit that my level design / layout and enemy / puzzle solving implementation needs a bit more work, and I am trying to get better at it. Thanks again for your feedback!