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Hey Amelia! Long time! I've got a students that's a pretty decent digital artist wanting to make a Visual Novel and was hoping I could connect them to you? Maybe even get you to come in and have them pick your brain? Or connect via Discord video chat?

No worries Finn! I added animations to doggo and will share the updated template with my classes :)

Bro! This is phenomenal! I'll be using this with my 200+ game design students this year!  Any way you might add a walking animation to the dog?  And I'm also hoping you'll make other such GODOT toolkits too <3<3<3  i.e. Zelda-like, etc.

Did you record the event?

Dang...I missed the bus...  When is the next??

You nailed it!


still waiting :(

insane! you've destroyed me!

So glad you are still in game dev!

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Even though this got #4 in People's Choice I'm very happy the Judges agreed it should be #1 :)

Very impressed with this entry! Just when I thought I might have a criticism the game flipped the tables and revealed the special gameplay features!  Your teacher should give you BONUS!

One of our judges, Jeff Spicer of 

might be video commenting on many of the entries! Keep an eye out!

The People's Choice rankings are available now! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who participated! Every game had something of value to offer and your efforts were very evident and much appreciated! 


Still waiting to hear back from all our judges.  Will post their results later tonight or tomorrow morning.

It looks like I have to compile and create the Judges Choice results page :( Could you give me your top 3 picks?

I think updates are locked until voting is over :(

While I have what it takes to unzip a RAR you might want to add a more cross compatible zip version or risk getting skipped?

Once the deadline hits, options should appear when viewing each entry

2 days and 12 hours left! Currently 74 joined and 9 entries submitted!  Are you ready judges?!

Hmmmm....  pretty decent 

We've had 4 EARLY submission and I had to remove 3.  2 were card games and one was a game finished way before this jam ever started (and was not one button). So, had to add this:

I didn't think this needed to be stated but after having to remove 3 EARLY entries  that were made and finished long before this jam ever started, as well as entered in other jams, let's not violate the spirit of "the jam"

I want to have my Jam do BOTH Judges Choice AND People's Choice. How would I do that? Already read all the FAQ's btw

That’s obvious. But those without unzip software on windows rely on the default zip

Any chance you could do a zip or webgl to make it more accessible?

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62 joined so far!!! That is absolutely fantastic! Hoping to recruit members of the Playability Initiative group as judges :)

And here is the latest from our man, Jack :

Last I heard it was just the gameplay but am guessing the judges would be impressed if teh menu was also one button?

I hope we get some entrants taking advantage of this!

I'm guessing that the Playability Initiative would say any button on a keyboard but might be concerned that a mouse button might also imply use of the mouse to control a cursor.  Other conversations I've had seemed that anything goes until the game actually starts and then it is limited to one button/key

I don’t see why not

a place where you might collaborate. recruit artists, writers, designers, etc

Were you thinking I should start a team chat topic?

I would also think that even if there were minor deviations from the spirit intended, that there would still be many in the disability community that could play your game just fine.  For many the press-hold, release timing, etc mechanics will work just fine for them. 


"1. IMO it depends. sometimes you want an action to only happen when the user releases a button, and that makes sense from a UX perspective, however it can tend towards the player needing to hold it down and release at the right time. The spirit behind the requirement is not depending on the ability to hold down a button. So relying on both onkeydown AND onkeyup defeats the purpose. remember these are just arbitrary guidelines in an attempt to design for the most situations possible"

"2. yes.  there are different ways to approach this, cycling options is just one, giving more margin of error, allowing for undo if they choose the wrong one accessible options to control speed, or pausing the player at decision points. we're still experimenting with this and don't have a universal solution yet. each solution is likely context sensitive. an ideal solution would allow the user to scale time down to zero to wait for their input. but that might not always be feasible"

Hey Mitchell.

You there?


You are on our official VCGDC Speed Game Jam testimony request list! Please take a minute to contribute a short video clip here.  Deadline: August 15th.

You are on our official VCGDC Speed Game Jam testimony request list! Please take a minute to contribute a short video clip here.  Deadline: August 15th.

I think I see it on the horizon! Getting giddy!

I'd love to see a let's play video!

Passed along and well received!  Michael, you should really consider starting a class/club on Outschool! You have a lot to offer. And Duncan, take Michael's advice and keep going full steam in your game dev! Dream Delivery franchise on the horizon!!!