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One of my students emailed me this:  "You can also use the exit from dialogue hack, and have conditional dialogue on the door which will exit the player to the next room if they have met certain conditions (found the key, have enough coins to pay for entry, have spoken to the right NPC etc). (See the ‘Tools and resources’ section for more information about hacks)."

But, still trying to sort it out

Not yet sadly...

it'd broke :(

Using variables is not the problem. what is the command to deleted the locked door?

How do I pick up a key that unlocks a door?

As you admittedly said that this was from finished, I do feel the vibe!  I had hoped at least that I could steer the ship near the word groups but alas, no.  I REALLY hope you continue with this.  I promise to be an early adopter and super fan!

Played the game all day for my game design classes and they absolutely loved the  gameplay, gorgeous soundscape and pixel art.   Really inspired them!  I’ll be your first paying customer when you finish this!  One small favor tnough... a confirmation before ending after ‘ESC’? 

Some of your challenges have more than one possibility.  

Wrong files...Where is the Mission File link? 

Where is the Mission File Link?

Thanks! Fusion is my life. Whatever I can do to integrate into my daily lessons I use it!

Needed to change to WASD. Need to keep the bunny from leaving.

Looks like she fixed it, and made the background procedural too! Different each play!

Understandable.  Only did it because you mentioned the two minor things I was unaware of.

Fixed :)

Tim Burton Jam community · Created a new topic Styles?

Can it just be a claymation/marionation style whatever?

I understand the host not having the time or resources to review each game or pick favorites in categories. Is Jupiter Hadley or anyone else up to vlogging highlights

For those of you that might have played the massively glitchy 0.7 version, PLEASE re-download and give Mead Runnr 1.0 another look!


~1 minute and MP3 is fine although I'd probably convert to ogg vorbis.

I'd be happy to send you a link to the current rough prototype :)

If you have an eerie space alien ambient music track I'd be happy to put it in my submission and give proper credit ;)

Hope to get a few of my game design students to join this! Comics, card/board games ok?