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Hey! You won 2nd place in the Heaven Jam and I need your PayPal email unless you want your winnings donated to

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As concern was voiced over the results and weighting, 2nd and 3rd got swapped and the negatively affected party fully agrees to the updated winners list. Just waiting for someone from Fated Seal to arrange PayPal prize transfer.

the rating system for smaller jams can be a bit confusing. Their weighting system favors games with more votes being more accurate. Imagine a submission got only one vote from your mom and wins a over a game with a slightly lower average with a bunch of votes. If only we could have gotten more friends to vote…

Heaven Jam community · Created a new topic CONGRATULATIONS!
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CONGRATULATIONS to all our participants and thank you from the bottom of my heart! What a fun ride!
If Soma Games chooses any of the submissions for a collaboration they will notify you directly. Please let us know here!
Meanwhile, I need 3 of you to DM me your PayPal email to receive your prize$!
$60 1st: Konikochan with Through the Veil
$30 2nd: Fated Seal 
$15 3rd: sbjerk  with Empyrean Gateway - Passage to Eternity

As concern was voiced over the results and weighting, 2nd and 3rd got swapped and the negatively affected party fully agrees to the updated winners list. Just waiting for someone from Fated Seal to arrange PayPal prize transfer.

LAST CHANCE to invite friends and family to vote you up!!!

Heaven Jam community · Created a new topic VOTE VOTE VOTE

Voting is open until the 16th! PLEASE, VOTE and notify all your friends to vote as well!

we have 6! If there are any others out there that need to submit a tad late so we can maximize the prize pool, please let me know asap! Otherwise, let the voting commence! Tell your friends!

Incomplete and bloated is fine. Just be sure to admit to it in the description so the voters don’t waste their breath stating the obvious. Hoping we have at least 10 submissions though to fully maximize the prize offerings. 

1 more day to polish your Heaven Jam entry!  The entries are starting to roll in and I'm really excited about the variety and creativity I'm seeing!  Thanksgiving and Praise!!! God bless you all richly! 

Submissions won't show until voting starts. Past issues with trolls

That is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I just lost my mom a few days ago but she was 87 and loved the Lord. Was thinking of putting her in the game.

a taste you say!? I foresee a full course meal!

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Nope! But hopefully it exports to web so it’s easily accessible to all voters.
Looks like you are using the Yahaha platform which requires a player to be installed?
Could affect "voter" access...
BlocksmithXR allows you to play through the browser 

WOW! You have put a tremendous amount of thought into this! I look forward to your submission!

the focus should be on the heaven experience

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May you fully tap into and explore the depths of your sehnsucht as a well spring of creativity in this current endeavor! 

More paraphrases from “Adorning the Dark” to follow…

OH WOW! I really hope these aren't references and this analog style actually makes it into the final version!

I can’t wait to play it!!!

Space key works! Z and X are also a retro keyboard standard. You can also plug in a controller! Glad you like it! 

Or did you mean GameMaker? That’s what you use, right?

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yup! Have used it off and on in class since 2002,. 95, 2000, 2003, XP, VX, ACE,etc. Hasn’t changed a whole lot. Is  that art style a specialty of the person you have in mind?

Would like to collaborate with a digital artist who has  a game jam idea!
Prefer 2D, would use GDevelop or Fusion to rapid develop.

who are you?

who is this?

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Submissions due in 11 days!
To improve your chances, be sure  to include:

  • a cover image
  • description
  • instructions
  • a web playable version
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If you live too far away though you'll likely not be able to come to the party :(

It is PUBLIC but not listed. Was trying to avoid the onslaught of those that made games for other jams dumping into this jam. Go for it!

I put down my cowbell to explore this space

Supported! Love it!  Sharing with my students!

This is pretty decent!

Hey Amelia! Long time! I've got a students that's a pretty decent digital artist wanting to make a Visual Novel and was hoping I could connect them to you? Maybe even get you to come in and have them pick your brain? Or connect via Discord video chat?

No worries Finn! I added animations to doggo and will share the updated template with my classes :)

Bro! This is phenomenal! I'll be using this with my 200+ game design students this year!  Any way you might add a walking animation to the dog?  And I'm also hoping you'll make other such GODOT toolkits too <3<3<3  i.e. Zelda-like, etc.

Did you record the event?

Dang...I missed the bus...  When is the next??

You nailed it!