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Cute Demon CrashersView game page

A short and silly consent-friendly and sex-positive VN!
Submitted by SugarScript (@SugarScriptVN), DejiNyucu (@DejiNyucu) — 6 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline
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i love how safe and secure this game made me feel. it taught me so much more than school could ever do. thank you so much for this lovely, cute game :3 

It's great, it's sweet ;]]

I really enjoyed playing it ;D

First time meeting a game that is so relaxing, funny, enjoyable and easy-going in the topic o sex and pleasure (hats off to the makers;))

I think that anybody that tried playing it would like to take a place of MC ;]

I would like to see more of this type of the game - I really, really enjoyed it, THX!

I can't open the game:( 
It just won't open (it's for mac)



did u ever find out

Are you using PC, Mac, or Linux?


It may appear in a zip file, which needs to be unzipped before it can run. After that, you have to give permission for the game to run in the system settings.

idk how to download even, when i have the stuff ready me dunno what do to

I love how the mc (main character) is a virgin and (in my playthrough) Claire and Akki both lose their virginity then i realize two things 1. Oh shit i'm still a virgin  2. I WANT AN AKKI!!! ( I LOVE DIS GAME :33333333)

Hello I am having a hard time opning the game. What can I do????

This game was the absolute best thing ever. I look forward to your future projects. ^_^


This game is absolutely adorable! I loved the idea! But the ending kind of left me hanging, i wish it was a little bit longer. Nevertheless, this one is absolutely one of my favorites. The design is awesome and I love how you provided some voice acting there. Akki got the best ending for me which surprised me since I don't usually go for the hyper guys in otome games, but Akki's route is definnitely the cutest! Thank you for this game! Wishing for your next projects to be successful! 

no se como es pero parece divertido ¿no?


This game made me cry with how sweet~ and considerate the characters were about you and your comfort throughout the entirety of the game--Especially freakin' Kael, like OMG *Sobs to no end*--And I even tried the no sex at all ending, and that too was very sweet. Normally games that involve sex just make you feel terrible about not wanting sexual relations and leave with a bitter taste, but this game didn't do that, bro.
I feel like this game really changed my life, dramatic I know...but I'm serious.


My sexual background is choked full of discomfort and dashed hopes. Your game focused on sex but also the friendship necessary to have a pleasant sexual experience. The kindness the demons showed the virgin protagonist made me cry. Your game lightens the sometimes dark and warped world of sexuality. My outlook on sex is now more positive because of your game. I love the game, thank you so much!

Fantastic game! Would definitely recommend for any one to get their feet wet with in the eroge world! The writing is bright, positive, and fetching! You really get absorbed into the characters, the music, and the oh-so-stimulating visuals! Would absolutely play through again and again! Thanks so much for this lovely piece of work! <3

Very cute and sweet , although short game. I enjoyed playing it. (=