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Thank you!! This is so helpful :)

The only achievement I'm scratching my head at is "Outsmarted". Not sure how to get this one. Would you mind giving me a hint for this one? Thanks again!

Hi! I'm really looking forward to supporting the Steam release when it comes out :)

If you can post it here in the meantime, that would be great! I edited my post title to include "Spoilers".

Once again, your game is so awesome and charming and it was such a pleasure to play!

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Hi, I just beat the game on Classic! Loved every moment, and for the price, it has a surprisingly large amount of content :) I loved going through so many different character storylines.

About to start New Game+, but many of the achievements are ???. I'm not patient enough to spend forever trying to find them all, so I was wondering if there is a guide somewhere on how to unlock all achievements? Thanks again for the really fun game :)

Great pacing for the story reveals. I like how simple the game is, but still makes you feel like a detective :)

Loved the concept and the art! The stories are sweet and well-written. My favorites are Kyo and Gary, with Vera and Dave as runner-ups :)

Wow, this game somehow is the perfect combination of nostalgia, sweet friendships, and hard-hitting tension. I really enjoyed the time I spent playing your game. I felt it was well-polished and the characters felt so human. The pacing of the chats felt really realistic and immersive, as if I was back in the AIM days! And as a junior dev myself, the terminal scenes really captured that feeling of power when you first learn how to execute commands!

Despite not being trans, I related to the main character's struggles a lot and saw a lot of myself in her, and that doesn't happen often! There was a time in my childhood where all my friends were on online forums, too, and I had to sneak onto the computer to talk to them without my parents knowing. Thank you so much for this experience :)

I really enjoyed this game! Super funny and super sweet :3 I love your humor and art style!

I admit I am very curious if **spoilers** the Jimothy ending has him fusing with the couch and then swallowing you whole??? ok maybe that's my imagination but I am confused :P

The special surprise for getting all the endings was very sweet too~

Glad to hear that! Colm did a great job on the kitty. Thanks for playing, really appreciate your taking the time to comment!