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When do you think the full game will be released? Im so super excited about it. Alo how much do you think it'll cost to buy it? Im so looking forward to it it's like Im on the edge of my seat.

I love huskies!!!!What a beautiful dog!!!Happy Holidays to you guys.

Will we get an updated demo when atleast about a quarter of the game is done??

So quick question dont know if i played the old demo or new one does the new one end at the same spot as the old one? After picking something for him to do? Also My real name is too long to use in the game because of the font size it covers what mc says. My name is 8 letters long. Another thing Im sorry for so many questions I ordered expansion pack just wondering eta release date for that lol Im so excited!!! I really want to see how characters come out and play the full game!!! I was hoping demo would be longer. I did also miss the part when you can wake the boyfriend up. I respect reasons why it was removed but was one of the main reasons I got it. It was like hook line and sinker lol.

Any update????

I didnt think I was going to like it but wow its great. I really like the sorcerer. I like the fact you guys have a survey and want our input that's a first for me! I would buy this game if you do an expansion pack pre-order or something I would be interested. I preorder expansion pack for Signed and Sealed with a Kiss on here I am most excited!!! I would do the same for this game without hesistation for mr.smexy sorcerer I do wish before emo ended we could learn his name but I guess it leaves the mystery :'( lol hope the process is going well.

Hello I am wondering will there be a part 2. How much will you guys need for a part 2. I would really enjoy a second part to them coming back more into adult hood possibly early mid twenties. And finally them being able to have a real happy ending. Or something lol. I really enjoyed the game it was very beautiful and concept of dragons hasn't been done much. Felt original yet unique!!!! I really am bias I love Kerr!!!! Ilmarni's dragon form is to die for lol. I believe he'd be more handsome in adult form.

This game was amazing it was one of my first pc otome games I downloaded it ealier this year. Sorry I had much going on and couldn't comment about this wonderful game. The forbidden love between you and your step brother. The twists of the beast. Your handsome loyal guard who seems like a dog but is more a wolf. The twists of an amesiac man with a sly devilish tongue. The curse of the man who can't was all a wonderful tale. I would look forward to another one if you ever make one. The game is full of surprises. I play it again when I'm bored or when I can't remember some of the scenes. I love how the female protagonist is not some weak pathetic little gir who is looking for a love story. She had a rough life and has her own demons and while curing her demons she helps those around her!!!! The bad endings were not predictable which was even more amazing. Hoping you come out with a new game soon!!!

Great game but is normal endings good endings I just did all three routes today and got normal endings...I feel like you can get a better ending thoe lol.

I was wondering same thing after finishing sol and royals ending today.... I just finished royal's and I got normal ending is that good....

Wow so the dark turn of events are amazing. Thumbs up on this game well thought out I really enjoyed it. Aaron you feel soe what bad for his choices in life and why. And jake man you really just want to hug him. I wish the story was much longer and even had more choices. This would have been good as a demo. May I ask will there be another one? Or is this it?! I havent found many otome games like this and if there was one like this longer and more choices with more endings and maybe one more character for instance the vampire who bit her I would pay for pre-order. I write my own stories and this just surprised me I hate predictable endings and this was far from it. Bravo on such an amazing game!!!

Thank you so very much I am very addicted to this game it's weird James route lights up but I cant play Im guessing it's not ready. I will be following it's a great game. I am sooooo excited!!!! Looking forward to release!!!

yes i have been looking forward to it for a while now

Lol thank you. But I see a lot of promise in the games. I cant wait for so many more. The art work is great its somewhat anime but has its on feel to it. And the music is great. Im sure you will have much more followers in the future who will agree with my statement I have only met one other game maker on here that I could compare to cheritz and I bought the expansion pack before its been made. I hope I can do the same with this too!!!!! I would love to support this game in anyway that way I can play it faster lol!!!!! 

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So like wow holy f'in crap. I love this game the customization the ability to still get a good ending and the scenes!!!!!!! It's just amazing. I am so excited for this game to finish. I am so very in love with this game. When do you think you will be able to release full game. I apologize for my enthusiasm. But this game is addicting like how Niel says MC is addicting!!!

Once the game is released I will be able to get it right? Im so excited!!!! Im sorry for my enthusiaism I know some think it was a little fast ending for a demo but it was awesome. I love the full customization you dont get that with the others. Keep up the great work. I could really see this becoming an android game or somethings it is awesome. REminds me of a manga I read when I was much younger and the webtoon eggnoid. Thank you creators for all your hard work.

I purchased the expansion pack one today when will I get a notice? When can I download it?

Hello I purchased the expansion pack when can I download it? Or the base one? I havent gotten it.

The other game she made was a bit slow so this is even more amazing. Im sure once finished it will be one of the best otome games ever. So looking forward to it.

Yes, I do write on wattpad. I am usually busy so I understanding needing to take long breaks from work. I write my own stories not fan fiction. Im scared to ruin a great piece with my own bias opinions or spoilers lol. I wanted to write some of anime or otome games I've played. If you make a mobile game I'm sure it will be as great as Mystic Messenger. Im very excited for this game!!!!!

When will full game be made?

Thats unfortunate......

Your health is also important and please even though I want it to finish soon I know that your games are only so amazing cuz you actually put so much effort and time in it. I appreciate your work and story line. I am also an author and create stories online. So I can really get the feel from it. I love that even though it's not a sequel it follows the story line with the goddess and "chosen ones" it falls perfectly without ruining the other. I've waited this long I can wait longer and that just means my donation can be bigger as I save up more money. This could really be a great app for phones. <3 wishing you best of luck. And great health for you and your babies :)

I am so awaiting until this game is finished. I want to play it so bad. I am already saving up money to donate at least 10-20$. Also really hope your dog is doing better. My dog is my world so I know how it is to worry about them.  I love your games they're awesome Arya is my favorite character!!!! And wolves!!!!! Love it. The god concept is great. Really makes you question their pasts and what they did. Hope full version is released soon. And hoping you dont stress your body out. Although I want it to come out soon, still we need you in good health. If this was on the phone it be great so I could play it on the go!!!! Thank so much and keep up the great work!!!

I have only gotten bad endings so far  and dont understand why. I have played rods and klaude's. Can you help me please? 

Same pleaseee

I am very excited for the full game to come out. Do you still plan to release it in March? How much will it be? I love the customization of character and my favorite is the one with blue hair and blue eyes!!! He's mysterious and somewhat flirtatious. Loved the scene when he grabs the mc's hand!!!!!

I am very excited for the full game to come out. Do you still plan to release it in March? How much will it be? I love the customization of character and my favorite is the one with blue hair and blue eyes!!! He's mysterious and somewhat flirtatious. Loved the scene when he grabs the mc's hand!!!!!

Great game really enjoyed it. I cant wait to play full version when will it be available? I am so excited!!!!!

I loved this the characters so far are amazing Arya reminds me of kakashi from naruto dying to see his face. Guntur is like big brother complex and well Kahlil he's so cute! But did The characters from the last game die. I am guessing they meet Tamara and they have to come together to save the world. Still trying to finish the other games. I wont be able to try and finish it until Wednesday since I have surgery on Tuesday but I am so excited to finish it with your tips I have something to do on bed rest lol. Thanks for saving me hours of boredom lol. Can I just reccomend one thing Maybe more times we can make interactions like choices in the game and I love you made a skip button and status of them men's meters. I can't wait I would pay 10$ for this game!!!!! It doesn't seem like it will be as fast pace as the last one so you caan enjoy it some more!!!!!Please keep working hard but not too hard :)

I did that and even though I saved rama I am getting mitra's route.....idk why lol I am having a hard time to get rama's and reska's routes

Nothing pops up besides the comments unfortunately.....I cant see any written instructions..

Excuse me but I cant get Rama or Reksa happy ending no matter what I do........I would very much like help and I commented.....It only gives me the option to give explosives why?!?!?!?!?!?!? I've been playing the game for 2 days now 

Hi I really need help getting Rama's and reska's ending I could only choose the explosives to give to him.....Please help me the link didn't show up any information.....

Hello I am having a hard time opning the game. What can I do????