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Yes, I do write on wattpad. I am usually busy so I understanding needing to take long breaks from work. I write my own stories not fan fiction. Im scared to ruin a great piece with my own bias opinions or spoilers lol. I wanted to write some of anime or otome games I've played. If you make a mobile game I'm sure it will be as great as Mystic Messenger. Im very excited for this game!!!!!

Ah, I don't dare to be compared to Mystic Messenger >\\\< I'm an old fan of Cheritz (Dandelion and Nameless are the first korea otomes I play lol) and I'm so happy to see a lot of people finally noticed their brilliance! MM ruined my sleep schedule tho :")) 

Thank you for your strong encouragement >\\\< my dear reader's support is what keeps me going. It's my fuel, my juice, my personal battery *cough*

Here, take some cyber cookies and hugs from me ^.^-



Lol thank you. But I see a lot of promise in the games. I cant wait for so many more. The art work is great its somewhat anime but has its on feel to it. And the music is great. Im sure you will have much more followers in the future who will agree with my statement I have only met one other game maker on here that I could compare to cheritz and I bought the expansion pack before its been made. I hope I can do the same with this too!!!!! I would love to support this game in anyway that way I can play it faster lol!!!!!