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hope this projetc won't die.... although from the coments below it seems the way it will be..
pity ...I really like this game as it's well though and comforting^^

guys hope all is well!!
don't abandon this projest - there are ppl that like it a lot^^

not all is lost! you can always come back and pick it up^^
wish you and your family all the best - take care!! ;]


short but I have enjoyed it very much and it's nice to know there are others^^

All good now;]]]

Hehehehee..... Kilian is a lot of fun^^

kind of 'bugged' but all is good now^^ thank you!

ok,  I found new bug ;P

On Kilian's route - when Albert gets back to the castle after Kilian attacked him, when they talk and there is a choice "I didn't realise that it was that bad..." - when choosing it goes stright to the to the ending with 'Heart of Poison' that is dedicated ending for the other choice.

Damnation...^^ - and here I was hoping to find more about Kilian ;PPP  (no worries, it's kind of fun to be first to find bugs^^)

Yesterday it was Walter;]

Today I plan to romance Kilian^^

great! good story and lovely character's sprites^^

great to know! ^^

I really enjoyed the story and the artwork of the characters - they look great^^ (it's such a pleasant surprise considering all the fast-made, not-that-nice-looking character's sprites over there...)

Don't loose 'hope'! - I think it would be much easier after you make your first fully-functioning-as-intended VN ;]]   You can also check some other visual novels (Errath Kingdom is great!) and see what they have in 'settings' or how they work.

Still it's very impresive that you put together and made this story -  THANK YOU!! ^^

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thank you! 

I didn't think that the response will be so fast...;D

About the 'skip' button - it's quite often feature in visual novels - it let's you skip the text that was already read (usually it's CTRL button) up to the place with the choice. There is also possibility of skipping the unread text also - usually the Dev put's those option in the 'settings' menu. Most often the 'settinggs' menu has the:  text speed, autoread speed, sound volume, voice volume, background music volume, window/fullscreen mode, skip all text/skip only read text, back option (let us go to the previous text or choices). Sometimes there are some additional option like font to choose. 

'Skip' or 'fast forward' are useful when reading VN with choices - it allows for checking different routs and scenarios without being forced to re-read the same text ^^ and with possibility of multiple saves checking other choices becomes easier ;D

ooo....  thak makes my hopes go up^^

will be waiting:D


I have encountered a problem/bug in the game. When Albert finds the alchemy lab for the first time and during the talk with Kilian - the game stops on "Oh.... Okay, then." I have restarted, redownloaded etc. and it's still the same TT

Please help! - I'm curious how the story unfolds and what happens nex^^

PS - would be great it there were possible multiple saves and the 'skip' button (!!)

nice^^ pity there are no CG's ;P

hahaha.. nice and fun - pity it's so short^^

it's great! can't wait to see/read more^^

great and lovely story!!

definitelly worth reading^^

thank you very much for making it and sharing the story! <3

maybe they will appear again....;PP

ahh... well - time will tell ;]

wow... found sth great here^^

well done and interesting - cant wait for the rest of the story...;D

(wonder if it will be possible to pair up with both Kayn and Druk or Etza and Fenir?? - it seems like a great pairings^^)

seems really interesting^


short but lovely!


really easygoing and pleasan read;D

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic hello;]

any plans of getting back to it and finishing the story?

I really liked it and the way it was written and the choices^^

interesting^^ can't wait for the rest ;D

irori community · Created a new topic great^^

wonderful and relaxing;]

aalso the music and graphic are great^^

Nooooo... the graphic is so great and the mystery is intriguing  ;]]]]

would like to unravel all about those guys^^

true, true.... I'm also curious... is there some mystery with him or is he playing on unnerving the unsuspecting 'victims' ? :PPP

and yes I would like to see him with the hair unbound when waking up....;]]]]

hmm... how about Bengan on one side of the bed and Gustav on the other? that would make nice 'sandwich' ^^ :D


pity there is so little....;]

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thanks for letting us know^^

hang in there and thank you for all your hard work!

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Hi Hi Karitsa!

how is it going with 'Doki Doki Dollmaker' ? at what piont in 'progress bar' are you guys now? ;]

Any concrete date for the release?

(my 'fan girl heart' is little dried up and needs some sustenance ;PPP)


and the Boss Bee gave me a shock with it's voice :PPPP

hahaha... that was great!

I had a lot of fun^^ thank you very much for this work;]]

wow... short but interesting and well done dialogues and love the art ;]

thank you!

quite interesting! great it's not the typical plot :))

thx for your hard work^^

I like it very much ;]]]

and will definitely buy when it's finished so please keep working on it^^

cute;] but not overly sweet or naive;]

very pleasant read, hope to see more of it^^

Good work!

The game is lovely! and so is the artwork! (although I 'see' Meissa little diffrently in my mind's-eye ;PP)

I really, really hope this game gets developed fully and a lot of ppl will get to enjoy it^^

It's not that easy to come by sth well made and thoug out ;D

So thank you very much for all your hard work and do keep it up! (don't get discouraged and after Lady Marion make more games^^)

I really like the short demo....please it would be great if you restarted this project;]  - I think that there would be people interested in supproting it and to see it finish;]

it's really interesting and I like the MC very much;]

hope you will return to this story/project and let us enjoy it fully^^

Good luck out there!

thanks for the response;] I will be waiting^^