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May I ask a question? I hope someone answers it. :3 Based at the end of the demo, will there be other girls other than Naomi that the player would interact or those are from other games?  :0

Im not sure if you have already found out but complete Jereck/the blacksmith in Thesilla's quest and sleep with him.

If there is- Where can I find it?

I feel bad for Cyril but I think Chrysanda is a great MC. Her personality is very unique and sassy. 

I love this game. Emi is so relatable and I wished this was longer. It's inspiring too~ <3

it's nice- but i hope i see some story after the memory game xd 

Oh, thanks~

This is actually funny~

Shampoo? The girl from Ranma 1/2

It makes me feel weird how this is a harem but the title says "otome" which is a game about reverse harems.

I should have played the game before I commented though. Sorry to bother you...

Oh, I'm sorry... I just played it and just found it was just a demo. And... You're right.. :(

Yes!!! It's here~

:D I like the part when he flied. :D

Best Christmas gift!

I can't wait for the full version. I believe it'll be a great Christmas gift!

Mr. Wolf is so cute. And love how the MC (Emma) loves food. Mr. Bandages is just XD. The Count is so charming. But I love Mr. Wolf over the three of them.

LOL. The hardest part of the game.

This looks cool.

The MC here reminds me of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club, only more cheerful which makes her personality captivating.

So adorable. Everything is sweet and cute! 

I love this game. I heard you guys are creating a new game. Keep up the good work!

I love this game. Yung MC ay sobrang relatable. Pero, meron po ako tanong... Bakit po mahirap makuha ang good ending? 3: