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[DevLog] A Woodland Story

A topic by superforsooth created Jan 05, 2016 Views: 302 Replies: 7
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Visual Novel, Dating Sim

I've always been a fan of VNs and Dating Sims and I thought it could be fun to try my hand at one. I'll be using Ren'Py (I've messed around with it before but haven't created anything major).

There will be four romantic interests and at least five different endings (shooting for six)

Synopsis: You play as a human traveler [name in progress] who wanders into a forest. As it turns out, the forest she finds herself in is a Kingdom and it's inhabitants are a strange group of animals. As she explores, she learns more about the Kingdom's inhabitants, and a sinister plot begins to unravel as someone watches from the shadows.


I'll add more information about each love interest as I organize. For now, here are their names!

Kite (Bird Boy)

Pierre (Mouse Boy)

Charming (Fish Boy)

*SECRET* Lily (Cat Girl)


i wanna date the fish



Spent yesterday working on concept sketches of the main four. Ignore my terrible handwriting!


this looks neat! :D

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ohh my gosh i love these character designs!!

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I don't have a super interesting update- I've mainly been writing dialogue and plotting out story. I have started on the very beginnings of the code, though. I'm new to the program so it's a little rough so far.


FISHBOY! :))) Two thumbs up!


ohhh your style is so charming!! i love these character draws i can't wait to see them as sprites :3c !!