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[devlog] Geisterhaus

A topic by onetucker created Jan 03, 2016 Views: 397 Replies: 15
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Haha wow! This is exciting! Hey there I'm a huge nerd and would love to talk to you.

Geisterhaus - A puzzle platformer about a ghost with limited teleportation abilities trying to remember who they were before they died. They gotta adventure through a spoopy graveyard to get to the mausoleum in the center where (maybe) someone will be able to answer their questions.

mechanics - The puzzle platforming is based around being able to teleport around your environment. you can set a point you can teleport back to at will, but you can only have one active at a time. You can also teleport back to the beginning of the level if you get impossibly stuck. Solve puzzles by using teleportation as a shortcut, or a way out of a corner or hole you couldn't otherwise escape from, but had to go into.


i won't have my tablet for at least a week lol i am making do with trackpad right now

Experiments with the color palette that i'm liking right now, but I'm still a little nervous about. Color is a major weakness of mine, but I'm hoping to work on that. Sketches of the first (tutorial) level, main character with teleport point (little blue flame), tutorial angel statue to send you on your way, and gravestone concepts for the background. Starting out with a simple, flat, pixelated style, but I'm not sure how well I'll be able to stay with it, since I don't have much pixel art experience.


Planning on using FamiTracker to make at least one theme for the game, at the very least a little loop.


I'm using GameMaker (free ver) for putting the game together, so far all I've got is an empty room you can move freely in, but hey, it's a start!

Feedback is greatly appreciated! I'll be updating this post as I progress, and making other posts in this thread for bigger updates.

((the name is literally just "ghost house" at this point lmao))

looks really interesting so far omg


Thank you!!

The work you've been doing is cool also! the art you have so far is really warm and charming and seems to fit your theme really well

aa thank you!!


I love how the little ghost sprite looks so far, it's simple but it's silhouette is still distinctive and charming! I think you're doing great on that front :>

As for colours, I think you're off to a great start there, too. Colour theory can get pretty complex AND pretty subjective, it always changes based on individual taste and the artist's intent. Here's a couple of links about harmonizing colour palettes you might find useful! I find that that's a good starting place for colour theory stuff.

x x


Thank you!! I spent a while on his design I'm really glad to hear it looks nice ///u///

Both of those are really good aaa thank you I gotta try out the overlay thing because I really want the colours to be pretty blue/purplish overall.


this ghost is my friend. i like how the head is detached


Geister is shaped like a friend.

(thank youuuu!)


ohhh i actually love these colors a lot!! pixel art can be tough to start out in + keep consistent but if you ever need some inspiration i like to browse this tumblr and your aesthetic reminds me of these games a little bit! i'm excited to see how your mechanic plays out--and i think it could be really fun and cool animation-wise. looking forward to seeing your development!


Thank you that tumblr is really awesome and I really like the aesthetic of those two games!

Today I'm going to try to figure out collision physics, but I'm looking forward to figuring out how animation works in gamemaker.


Good news! Collision testing is going great!

okay aCTUAL good news is I have a player object in a room and that's further than I've ever gotten before so yeah!! small victories!!

More actual good news is I'm beginning to understand how FamiTracker works and made an experimental loop that doesn't sound 100% horrible.

Next steps: actually making collision testing work and stop floating around the screen and remember some basic rules of composition. THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG.

i really like the music!!!


aaa i love your visual style + colors!! diagonal collisions can be tricky but i think there are so tutorials on how to get it to work. best of luck!!

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little ghost sprite is so cute... also, man, famitracker can be a real pain in the ass. it's not terribly hard to use, but it can be a dick to get your head wrapped around, and then trying to remember all the keys & effects... i... i have a love/hate relationship with famitracker. but nice job with the music!! it's super cute!

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Making!! Progress!!

I am back at college which means my classes are about to start (booooo) but also I can use my tablet and better computer setup (woOOOO). Not pictured here: a music loop that doesn't entirely suck because I remembered modes exist and are sometimes simpler and a lot more fun to compose with than straight up keys.

Collisions are finally working and more importantly sloPE COLLISIONS ARE WORKING. And those green platforms can be stood on without anything clipping! yay!

I've also got a background painted and a title screen, which isn't much to look at but hey at least it isn't butt ugly. And I'm pretty pleased with how the color palette I set out has been working.

And I accidentally took a two hour nap with my boyfriend so I am reADY TO GO INTO THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING


AAA THIS IS SO PRETTY i was really excited to see more of this!!!!