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Mentorship Directory & Applications Sticky

A topic by lysander created Dec 30, 2015 Views: 874 Replies: 11
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Jam HostSubmitted

This thread is for more experienced jammers to offer their expertise to first-timers! If you're familiar with an engine and would like to allow others to contact you for help, fill out the following and post it to this thread:


Skills & Engines
A list of skills you consider yourself knowledgeable in, as well as engines.

Where you would like to be contacted for questions.

Also, to experienced devs: be sure to check out the stickies designated for questions for 2D, 3D, Text-based, and Coding questions! Those are there to help things be more organized, and to direct people to relevant information.

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Skills & Engines
I'm one of your hosts!
I'm not a particularly skilled dev, but I know my way around Twine pretty well! I have CSS & HTML knowledge and I write and make music. I also have some experience with Ren'py! Feel free to ask me about anything regarding the jam, including but not limited to ideas, brainstorming, plots, general jam etiquette, Twine, or other stuff! I'll try my best to answer!

If you need music for your game, contact me! For this jam, I'll let anyone who asks use my music for free, with credit of course. Please contact me about this as I have a huge backlog of songs not currently on my soundcloud.

Twitter: @kreutzerland
You can also email me at heliotype[@]


Comic Sans

Skills & Engines
I'm pretty skilled at using RPG Maker VX Ace, and, generally, if I don't know the answer off the top of my head, I'll at least be able to link you to a forum post about it! Aside from that though, I only have the most basic knowledge for 3D programs. I am, however, skilled at writing, character concepts, art, and I enjoy letting people bounce ideas off of me. If you have any questions regarding any of the above subjects, don't be afraid to hit me up! I'm always willing to help out.

My email is the best bet, or my twitter.
Twitter: @comicsansdev



Skills & Engines
The only program I've used for game design is Quest, in which you can develop text adventures. I love text adventures and I strongly believe the world needs more of them, so hit me up if you're curious about the medium! My main skill set, however, is writing. I wrote my first game last semester, but I've also written screenplays, web series scripts, and I'm currently working on writing a webcomic.

Email me at, or you can message me on Tumblr. My URL is

<3 Happy developing!

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V-nought (or Henrik)

Skills & Engines
I do the code thing and have for more moons than I can count. My background is in data science and web development, and I revel in the low-level nitty gritty of physics engines, AI and shaders (though I'm still figuring those out).

I can help anyone with any of those concepts, or with almost any programming at all, but I'm most familiar with:

  • C/C++ (SDL, SFML, Cocos2d-x)
  • C# (Unity)
  • Lua (Love2D)
  • JS (Unity,
  • Python (PyGame)
  • PHP (if you fancy a web-game or are a masochist, or both)

Reach me anytime at (by email or skype), on Twitter (@vnought) or via bat signal.

Need a teammate?
My plan was to do this solo, using Love2D, so I can practice art and music-making, but I'm willing to team up as either a programmer or [novice] pixel artist/musician, but only under the following conditions (sorry for being picky!):

  • (Only if I'm a programmer) You aren't using an engine (Unity, RPGMaker, Unreal, Construct, etc.)
  • (Only as an artist/musician) Your art/music requirements are within my skill level.
  • You're not doing an MMO, MOBA or visual novel.
  • Not a requirement, but extra points if you're using Rust to code your game! I would love to get to know this language better.
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Skills & Engines
I wouldn't consider myself anything special when it comes to game dev, but I think I at least have a decent grip on Ren'py! I also know my way around RPG Maker (2003 & VX Ace) to some degree, have done a lot of forum lurking (I have a big list of topics -- especially when it comes to Ren'py -- that might come in handy), and I'm reasonably competent with art. I'm a writer above all, though; I've written novella-length fiction and series of short stories, and I'm currently working on two novels (one visual!). I have a lot of experience with prose, and I'm always happy to help people out with the editing process! If anyone would like some help with revising and tuning up their mechanics, grammar, dialogue, pacing, or general coherency (or if you just want some input on conceptual design), please feel free to contact me.

If you prefer email, you can email me at!

Jam HostSubmitted

Awesome to see more writers out there!!

I checked your page; I was pretty excited because it looks like we have similar interests! Postmodern horror + experimentalism in general is probably one of the things I love most about... anything. Have you read House of Leaves?

Also, about your goals post (which I'm too lazy to comment on separately) I totally understand the whole thing about cutting out all the extraneous fluff. I like to think I'm pretty decent at it after going through a pretty long self-imposed regimen, but of course there's always room for improvement!

Anyway, great to see you participating!! I may contact you at a later date, if you don't mind discussing writing, ideas, etc!


I don't mind at all -- it'd be great to get in touch! I love idea jamming and I'd be totally down to just chat in general. Finding people with similar interests and tastes is so exciting!!

I actually haven't read much of House of Leaves yet (because lately I'm terrible at actually finding time to read for pleasure, sobs). But I've heard great things and it really intrigues me! I love that kind of fiction -- it's so immersive and there are so many possibilities for expressing and veiling information and AHHH I am just so about it. It's so fun to explore.

And you're definitely right, there's always room for improvement! It's awesome that you have a method, though. I'm still trying to build up a regimen for myself when it comes to game dev, and I think this jam will be a huge help in getting my bearings.

But yes! Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I'd be happy to talk more any time!!



Angelo (although we are making this jam with my two brothers using my account)

Skills & Engines
I'm experienced with computer science in general, so any programming questions are fine. I mainly code in Java right now but I've tried other languages too. I'm learning Unity for this jam but any question like "Have you tried doing X? How?" is fine, I'll explain if I did it or try to come with suggestions.

Twitter/Skype/Gmail @angeloechaves



juunishi master (or if it's too long, just shorten it to "juu")


  • I mostly use Unity (2D; I'm not confident with 3D, not yet). Don't rely too much on me, I'm still a beginner. :v
  • I have experience with Corona and Gideros.
  • Have tried Twine and Inklewriter.
  • Know very little about RPGMaker.
  • I'm actually 60% game designer and 40% programmer. But in this game jam, my role is mainly as a programmer.
  • Likes writing stories, but it's in Indonesian; haven't finished any English ones.
Twitter/Skype/Steam juunishi_master
Gmail juunishi.master
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James W.

Skills & Engines

In engines I am highly proficient in both RPG Maker VX ACE and MV.

(I also am good friends with a person who scripts for both MV and ACE so if you need a quick question I can try asking him and hopefully he's available!

Skype- my skype is gamergay647 (yes that is my actual name. I regret all of my life choices.)

Twitter- @lamecrown31






Skills & Engines
  • Maya, mildly: modeling, UVs, texturing
  • Unreal Engine 4 (from blueprint side)
  • Construct 2
  • RPGMaker 2003 + tools

tweet me @yurigods

ask me at

email me jbtuason @ gmail

also hello i am one of your co-hosts!