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[Devlog] Snowballs

A topic by Maribor created Jan 25, 2020 Views: 238 Replies: 14
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Snowballs - a game with a first-person view where you will not have to substitute for the snowballs of other children and score the maximum number of points by hitting them with your snowballs. Hide behind cover, attack from the back. All this will bring you victory! The game ends after 5 hits on you. There is a score, a record is recorded and the game starts from the beginning.

My work plan for these two weeks:
1. The creation of the mechanics of modeling snow from snow
2. Creating the mechanics of "Shooting" with snow
3. Snowballs falling on objects
4. Snow falling on bots
5. Creation of AI
6. Level design
7. Adding Graphics
8. Adding audio
9. Polishing and adding effects
10. Creating windows for menus, settings, and more
11. Final polishing

P.S.: I will be glad to any comments in this thread. If you want to join me, you can write to me:
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Seems both hard and interesting. This would be somewhat fun with all these things to cover. Be sure not to pressure yourself too much! Best of luck! 


Sounds sort of like Merry Snowballs. I haven’t played it, but I want to. Looking forward to seeing what you make. :)


Oh yes, I'm just inspired by this game. Unfortunately in my country, VR technology is too expensive. Therefore, it will be a simple game on the usual controls from shooters (WASD and mouse)


hey maribor! this is such a charming concept. it's awesome that you've already outlined a plan so far!


Day 1: Base Controller and "Shooting"

Hello everybody. So my first day of gamejam ended. For this day I created a project in unity. I made a first-person controller and added snowballs. By the way, they have physics! Also, the player’s movement in the game corresponds to your movement in the real world, but with minor changes for a better gaming experience.

I took a couple of screenshots to show which direction I'm moving.

1. General view of the scene.

in this screenshot you can see my test room. The orange cylinder is you :) More precisely, your hero. And the white bar is the hand (later I will replace this with a 3D model).

2. Controller camera.

The camera overview is configured so that it is convenient for you. You can turn on the inverse (although I'm not a fan of such control) of the review. In addition, the speed of rotation of the camera is adjustable (I will add a slider for adjustment later). More details in a small video.

Also in the video was shown shooting snowballs. Yes, yes, they have the simplest rigitbody physics.

3. Conclusion

Today I have done a sufficient amount of work in my opinion. In the following logs, you will see how I create levels, add graphics, and more. Without breaking away from the plan, we continue to make a game about snowballs!

P.S.: Thanks to everyone who read to this place. Like and give feedback. I will be glad to any comments!


OMG! The sky looks amazing. How did you do that?


I used this asset for unity. It's free and there are a couple of amazing skyboxes there.


Ok thanks!


wow this is looking so great already!!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Day 2: A pile of snow and a potential "enemy."

Today I delayed the publication of the diary in connection with my work. Sorry.
So here. I shot one snowball. To make a new one you need to go to a pile of snow, something similar to this one:

While you are within the snowdrift you can make a snowball. The “recharge” process is indicated by a bar. In the future I plan to replace with a ring around the crosshare.

Shooting occurs as archery. Since our snowballs have physics. You have to get used to such shooting. This should not cause any difficulties since I played around with the settings.

Today, the amount of work is not that big, but I am pleased with the results.
Tomorrow I’m starting to create AI. I will try to make AI based on machine learning, but also prepare a more traditional version.
The diary will be released somewhere in about 24 hours, but I can skip one issue and combine everything on days 3 and 4.
Continue to follow my project and share your opinion. It is very important for me!


And if you want to join me, you can write to me:
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Tumblr -
Instagram -


Looking good! I like the idea of having to go to a patch of snow on the ground to recharge. That could definitely be used to force people out into the open.

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Day 3 and 4: AI.

Hello everyone! On the third day of developing the game, I decided to relax a bit. All I did was sketch out on paper the “features” of the game that will let you “feel” (at least I hope so) the experience of playing real snowballs and recall the emotions that you experienced while playing snowballs with your friends in childhood. I also decided on the scene of the game. It will be an American neighborhood decorated in a Christmas style.

Well, on the fourth day, I set about developing AI. Here is my result:

AI works according to the principle of several states, namely: following the player, if he fell within the field of view, attacking the player if the AI has a snowball in his hands, running to a snowdrift to make a snowball if the AI does not have a snowball in his hands. The patrol state will also be rewarded if the player is not in range.

So far, I have difficulties with machine learning, so it will not be in the current project. But maybe I will release the update later, when my knowledge will be of a sufficient level.
On the fifth day, I plan to finish work on AI and begin designing the level.
I need some help with the graphics, so if you want to join me then I will only be happy about it!


And as always, links to my social networks:

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Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Day 5. Completion of work on AI.

Today I finished work on artificial intelligence, added a scene reload after the player’s "death", and also started working on models.

So far, because of my work, I can’t tell you a lot of things. I attach animation gifs and hope you like it.

(Oh, yes, maybe I don’t have time to make several different models for other children, so you have to play with the same ones, but I hope this does not happen)

General view of how the AI patrols the zone, choosing the next route point in random order:

 The movement works using the Navmesh agent component built into Unity. Thus, this character is looking for the optimal path to the next point from the one in which he is currently. These points will be pre-prepared at the level, but the randomness of the point selection is generated in the game code itself. And we get unpredictably running kids! Exactly what is needed!

And in this animation you will see the "gameplay". Oh my god my tongue doesn’t dare to call it gameplay. Sorry to be so raw :)

Despite its incompleteness, the process already brings pleasure. I think this is a good sign!

And finally, a 3D character model. Right this minute I'm busy creating a rig for the character. Most likely I will entrust my girlfriend to animate the character. She really likes to do this.

Thank you for reading my new issue of logs. I'll meet you on Monday with a ready grabox level. Decide on the location and begin to cram into the game graphics, sounds and more!


Links to my social networks:

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ohhh this is looking so great with the AI running around! also i love this character so far omg i'm excited to see them animated!