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pureya community · Created a new topic 2 bugs

Hola Alva, creo que he encontrado 2 bugs.

El primero es que (en el modo normal) el minijuego del cangrejo no terminaba,  puse pausa al juego y después (unos segundos más tarde) siguió todo con normalidad. No tengo vídeo de todo el bug, pero cuando puse pausa si que empezé grabar (no sé si sirva de algo pero te dejo el vídeo)

El segundo bug fue una que me sucedió hace tiempo y fue que al recibir un premio del patchinko seguí tirando bolas pero cuando el premio terminó le dí a lo verde (con una canica) antes de que cambiará de lugar provocando que la ruleta empezará a girar. Pero cuando cambió lo verde de lugar y le volví a dar la ruleta se reseteo más rápido de lo normal (en el vídeo puedes apreciar lo que pasó).

Mi dispositivo es un Huawei P10 lite con android 8.0 (Tampoco se si sirve de algo pero ahí lo dejo).

Lee el post de Alva y verás que eso no el un bug.

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Opino que el minijuego del barco pirata da un salto demasiado brusco de dificultad entre el nivel 2 y 3 (osea verde y amarillo) y que debería ir un poco más lento en el nivel 3 (el amarillo).

The game looks very nice.

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I think mine is going well.

The best tip I've seen

The .zip downloads but when the download process finishes Google Chrome doesn't give you the option to open it because it says that may have a virus.

Oh, you're right, in that case I don't have anything to say.

Omg! I don't know how could you made such a game in only 2 weeks. The best game of the jam I've played so far. Good job man, you have my respect.

I can't download the game, google chrome blocks the download.

The pixel art syle of the game is awesome, the background snow effect looks very nice and the soundtrack is amazing. The game feels very good and the camera movement is also very good, but the game would be better with a running animation.

The game is simple and a very enjoyable experience.

Good job!

Thank you!

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I like the pixel art syle and the sound effects are great. This type of games are more popular on mobile phones so you can port it to this platform.

Good work!

The 3D models are beautiful, the playable aspect is ok and the soundtrack is very good. But you have to improve the menu and the UI because it doesn't look good.

The game looks very nice, the animations are very beautiful and the sounds are also very good. But there sould be some safe tiles at the beginnig of the game because there are sometimes where I take a step and immediately die.

Day 15 - Game submitted

Today I've changed the death system if you collide with a wall, I've added some sound effects.

I've built the game, done the page and finally submitted the game.

If you want to play it just click on the button near my name and download the game., it would be awesome if you give me some feedback.

Like I said in the first devlog, this has been my first game jam ever and I'm satisfied of the result. At first I had dobts about joining the jam because I'm quite new to the making-game world but now I know that you do't have to be an expert to join game jams. I think think that I could kept working  tomorrow  in the game but by the other hand I also think that  I deserve a rest. It has been a very nice, and enjoyable experience.

Day 14

Today I've tried to do a rotation system for the ice cream which went wrong so I deleted it and I implemented the ice cream in the path generator. I've also made a few little changes to the death menu.

Tomorrow I'll do some sound effects and the build of the game so on Saturday I can focus on doing the page and summit the game.


Maybe you can spend some time making images and decorating the store page of the game. It won't take you a lot of time and I think it would be very good.

Day 13

Today I've done a 3D model of an ice cream which will act as the score of the game (now the title makes sense 😄) ,  I've implemented it to the game and I've done the score system with your score shown at the death menu (however I'll have to make some changes to that menu).

I thought that the game jam ended on friday but today I realised that I was wrong so I have more time to finish the game.


Day 12

I think that today has been a productive day.

I've finished the restart system and changed the skybox to one that looks better.

The link to download the skybox is HERE.


Oh, looks very nice and smooth!

Day 11

Today I've made the pose for the 3D character and I've implemented it in the game. I've been also working on the restart system for the game.

I was more calmed  today and I think taking a rest, doing other things while thinking  atways to solve the error (but without pressure) helped me.


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Day 10

Today has not  been a good day, I've been triying to do the animation for the player but there were a lot of problems and errors. 

I'll try to do it tomorrow but if I can't fix it I will do any other thing.

Day 9

Today I've made the 3d model of the player (which took me a lot).

Tomorrow I'll make the running animation.


Me too!

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Day 8

Today I've fixed an error in the path generator, I've done a menu when you die and I've finished the main menu.

Soon I will have to do a 3D model of the character which i will have to animate and that keeps me afraid because I've never done such a thing.


Don't worry if you can't post a devlog each day, everybody has things to do.

The animation looks very nice.

Thank you! :)

Day 7

Today I've started the menu which I'll finish tomorrow.

I can't upload gifs but at least today I can show some photos of the project.

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Day 6

Today I've done the death system for the hole platform and I've started the main menu which I'll probably finish tomorrow.

Today's devlog is not going to have an image or gif because  I have a problem with but I hope that tomorrow this won't  happen.

I think the game is going in the right direction, or at least for now. As I said two days ago I don't have too many time to work at this along the week but I'll try to do my best.

Omg, the player and the environment look beautiful.

Looks very nice and very fun to play.

Keep working and you'll have an amazing game.

Day 5

Today I've done the third 3D model which are 2 platforms separated and  I implemented it on the path generator.

Images and gifs:

The next things to do are the 3D model of the player and a  death system if you fell on the hole.

Don't worry, things don't always go like we want. Take a rest and try to fix it

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Day 4

Yesterday night I made the second 3D model (a platform with a snow wall) but I didn't had time to write it in the devlog.

Today I made a few changes in the past devlog, I put the 3D model in the game and I made a simple death if you collide with the wall.

Here are some gifs and photos:


Along the week I don’t have as much time as I have on weekends to work on this game so don’t expect too many progress in one single day but I will try to as best as possible.

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Ok, I'll make a gif in todays devlog.

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Days 1-3

First of all, this name isn't definitive so if you have any suggestions let me now.

This is a game in which you control a character which is running infinitely in a randomly generated 3 line path triying to avoid obstacles and triying to eat as much as ice creams as he can.

I've done the player movement, the path generator and 1 3D model. 

I'm using Unity which I've been using for almost 3 months and Blender, even though I have no experience.

This is my first game jam ever but I hope I can finish a decent game on time.

Ok thanks!