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<Devlog> 4U

A topic by Kane RayNov created Jan 23, 2020 Views: 274 Replies: 12
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4U is intended to be a procedurally generated text adventure in which the player wakes up somewhere in an evolving world and must try to somehow collect various artifacts in this hostile environment.

Since the whole game is to be generated procedurally (even the basic game mechanics are to depend on an algorithm), every game run is really different. In one there may be battles, in the next the player is only exposed to a permanent loss of life.
Sometimes it could also be that both are used at the same time.

Likewise, the number of artifacts and items and the things that can be done are controlled and generated by script.
Everything, or at least as much as possible, should be generated by the scripts.

This makes the game very, very compact, but also difficult to program. I'll take on this challenge anyway, to see how far I get with procedural generation in this game.

In fact, I want either the player to be able to influence the generation or just enter a seed code to generate the world. But even this can be done by the computer for the player.

As an interface I thought I would first emulate one of the old TextAdventure interfaces, i.e. pure text boxes. But then I thought about adding graphical elements in the PixelArt style of the NES or SNES era for later versions.

How I do that I still have to see.

But what I want to pay attention to is that I build on extensiveness, so that I can always expand and extend the game if it turns out to be fun.

So much for that, in further logs I can show first pictures



And sorry for m bad english, I can't write very well and have to work with deepl to write so large texts

Thats seems like a both good and fun idea. I hope you learn a lot and I think would be able to if I tried such a task. Good luck! ;D

Cool project! Good luck!


It sounds complicated and cool. I would play this. Waiting for your devlogs and subscribing!


Wow sounds interesting! What I would recommend would be to start small, create a basic algorithm with psuedocode until it makes sense in your head then translate into code to verify it works as you expect. I'm looking forward to your progress.


i didn't work too much on the game today, but i already designed a basic interface for the main menu, where you can enter and send any text (for example names, gamertag or numbers etc).

As soon as you press return, the hashcode is read from the string and converted into a sequence of numbers, which then serves as the basis for the generation.

Picture shows this interface.

So, tomorrow it's time for what will be the most complicated part: designing the algorithm for world generation. But that will probably only take a certain amount of time because I can develop it in Unity and instantiate the areas and so on as ScriptableObjects.

To control it I thought about the fact that you don't move by typing words, but by pressing keys, like in graphical games. WASD and so on.

I also thought about the fact that the environment is displayed as a graphic, which is built up in several layers. I will work on both points tomorrow.

See you and thanks for the tips and the nice words^^


Sounds interesting! Hope you can execute it well!


hey kane! this is a super neat concept. i'd be curious to see how you scope it as you go along--i'm not super familiar with procgen but i think in the context of narrative it seems really interesting. i'm excited to see more!


I've been working enormously hard on the game in the last few hours, and this is what has come out:

I've created a modular interface for graphics. It looks like this:

Every graphic in this game is built up from up to 9 levels, each of which is dynamic and will adapt to the player's perspective. 

I designed the system so that I only need to create a few graphics to get as many ingame sequences as possible.

I try to recreate a minimalistic graphic like in Faith, a game here on Itch, and change it in my own way to make it fit for me.

I've also worked on the movement, or rather I've changed the movement significantly.
In normal textadventures it used to be that you only had one point of view per room. So you only looked into a room from a fixed point of view and couldn't change it. At least that was my impression.

I built in a new motion system where you can turn around and the graphics and everything else aligns itself with the turning movement.
Meaning: If you stand in front of a door and you press on the right side of the screen, then you turn to the right side and the door appears on the left side, and the graphics are adjusted accordingly, the values as well and also all conditions and key strings to cross the rooms as well as descriptions.

So you can say that it will actually be a click-and-type adventure. 

The pov system is achieved by a counter that rises or falls with every click on one of the invisible buttons at the edge of the screen. This counter has a range of 4 points, from 0 to 3, if it exceeds the 3 it becomes zero again, if it becomes zero, then it becomes 3 again at the next step. And only after this number I adjust the graphics and everything else.

Now I still have to work on some systems, and I have to create reasonable graphics. For example I have to work on the world generator, I would like to create space clusters, so that the 1x1-chunk sized rooms can be bigger like 3x1 and so on.
And I'd like to have the possibly final design of the UI ready by the end and generate a procedurally generated quest.

If I can create a combat system or a system for entertaining and interacting with other characters these days I have to see, but it would be extremely cool

So long^^

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whoa that's very cool! if you get a chance to capture a gif or video of the movement i'd love to see how it looks!

Sorry that I've not written anything in the last time, but I've deleted the project very stupidly ... It was not my fault, but I try to recreate everything from the ground up again


Ouch! One of the first things I did was setup a (free, private) Github repository. I hate the thought of losing so much hard work.

Good luck! Hopefully it’s easier the second time!