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Not to be considered for Lame Jam, but I did make a slightly updated version of this game after the jam ended! If you're having difficulty with this one, try Rat Cave DX:

Simple, but I really like the art and it was super fun to play!

This one was cool! I'm a little confused why my traps keep launching the rats straight at my base, and the money seems to pour in a little too quickly, but the theme was great and it was a fun time!

Ah, sorry for the confusion!


I've already gone to the download page, but it just does not feature a steam key button.

Spell Casting community · Created a new topic No steam key?

I got this game through the "bundle for racial justice and equality" earlier last year, but I just discovered this hidden gem. I found information about a steam key and was wondering if that was still available or if it isn't through the bundle? 

I know I'm 4 years late, but there's still no steam key button on the downloads page. I purchased it from an bundle so I wonder if it is not included, but I would much like to see if that's possible.

Very fun.

Got sub 4 minutes lets gooooooo

It's really fun and creative, just wish the singleplayer had a good AI, but I get it's a demo.

I like it


Gameplay feels a little stilted, would love a jump button, but really it looks so cool, I can't hate.

Short but fun

Cool project! Good luck!