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[Devlog] Memento Mori

A topic by Hub created Jan 06, 2018 Views: 370 Replies: 9
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me·men·to mo·ri
an object serving as a warning or reminder of death, such as a skull
(latin: remember you must die)

Memento Mori is a Merchant/Trading-Based RPG where you run a Pawn shop that buys, sells, and pawns the memories of its customers. 

Today, I only have basic ideas down; you will have customers come into your pawn shop, and they will either be buying, selling, or pawning a memory of sorts. These memories will be sealed. You can chose either to a) open the memory and see what's inside, but severely devalue it or b) leave it closed, and sell it at a higher margin.

For right now, the aim is to have one story campaign where you can chose to investigate a string of interesting events/memories you're receiving, or leave them closed and duck your head while shady individuals buy up all of your inventory.

I'm debating a few different engines- looking for text driven narrative; haven't decided yet. 

Hopefully something will come out of this jam. Good luck to everyone else!

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Hi, I really love the idea of your game, I think we need more games that are in closed-doors (Sorry if this is not the appropriate term, I'm not a native so I didn't knew what was the right expression to describe this feeling). I'm really interested about what you will produce !


Interesting! So, to be clear, the gameplay benefit of opening a memory is to progress in the story?

You'll progress either way, but it'll be a different outcome than that you would get if you opened the memories. (Think like Papers, Please, where the story is concrete, but you know more about it the more you actively investigate.)

I was just thinking "ooh, like Papers, Please" and then you mentioned that in a reply, haha. I really love that style of storytelling and I feel like it's underused even by indies, so color me excited.

I like the moral dilemma presented immediately by dealing in other people's memories- and I can definitely see the story discovery being the most exciting part! I think trying to balance curiosity and a business will turn out to be super interesting. looking forward to it!


Busy today building a shelf, but I finally got some time to sit down and work on Memento Mori. I've decided it's going to be a twine game, as I've played with the engine before but never really dug into it. 

For right now, you can wait in the pawn shop and time will progress. I'm currently writing off the cuff, so I have to establish some characters down before I get into the meat of the game. 

Not much progress, but some is better than none!


whoaaa this is a really interesting and unique concept! i'm really interested in seeing where this will go--there's a lot of interesting choices that can be made here, and i'm curious to see how the player is given just enough information to be curious or make their decision about what to do with the memories. i don't know if you've played diaries of a spaceport janitor but it kind of reminds me how you can choose to burn/trash objects for your job or keep them even if they're not worth much...


I like the idea of having the player make a choice that impacts the game.(Could be a though choice if one is to open it, or sell it directly for a higher margin)



Happy new year, y'all. Haven't made much, if any progress on my game, but I plan to continue it outside of the jam. Twine is a really interesting engine and I'm having a lot of fun using it (harlowe is a really friendly scripting language). Hopefully later today I'll have some more concrete updates.

Happy jamming!