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[devlog] You Are A Stray Cat

A topic by NN Chan created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 749 Replies: 11
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You Are A Stray Cat

Pretend this is a cat.


You are a stray cat and someone is trying to feed you. However, you don't want to be fed. Press the arrow keys in the direction of the incoming food to smack the shit out of it. That's it. Game may have two different endings depending on how much fish you let through your defenders.


Pretty much everything will be done by me... except for music and SFX. Currently my tablet drivers aren't cooperating so I can't draw... which is why I have placeholder assets from a previous game that are of a dog, not a cat WHOOPS. I hope to fix my tablet driver issues so I can make the art assets I want to make.


A cat and that one person who really, really wants to feed the cat.


The game will start off easy... but as time goes on you'll have to fend off food from multiple directions. Will you be able to keep your pride as a stray cat? Or will you succumb to the F I S H O N S L A U G H T ?

"NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH" - final game audio

In My First Game Jam Winter 2016 I made a VN in Ren'Py called Cloud Mage that's largely finished. In MFGJ Summer 2016 I made another VN in Ren'Py, this time it was a dating sim called Hug Hug Kiss Kiss, which I didn't finish :( As part of that jam, I also did Cat 22. One of the unused sprites is this shiba dog we called "cat??" so it seems quite apt to use it as a placeholder for my current Unity game about a cat.

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Characters and sprites

  • Player - 3 sprites (animated idle state, 1-frame hit, 1-frame repel)
  • Fish projectile - 1 sprite
  • Hand that feeds - 1 sprite (optional)

UI images

  • Play screen background (probably an alleyway)
  • Main menu background
  • Menu buttons
  • Fish meter
  • Paw print reticle - 2 images, one for idle and one for active
  • Slash effect on a successful repel

Story images (optional)

Soundtracks needed:

  • Main Menu track
  • Game track
  • Ending track

SFX needed:

  • Button SFX
  • Slash SFX
  • Munch SFX
  • Meow SFX

Full design doc I made before the jam - x

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Day 1 + Day 2

Stuff I did on the first few days:

- did some basic animations and linked animations to key input
- had fish spawn off screen and move towards the dog cat
- learned how to use prefabs instead of just throwing sprites around
- created trigger colliders that apply random force to the fish on key input
- adjusted speed of the fish

Stuff that's next:
- smack some sense into my dang tablet
- start figuring out how to keep track of the score, and start balancing the speed of the game and how hard/easy it should be... maybe try a difficulty setting?
- learn how to do a start menu and also look into a short story intro cutscene
- collisions are a little wonky and I fixed it a little... but it's still a bit spotty sometimes, idk colliders are hard

Aaaand that's it. This is my first ever Unity game and I think I'm making pretty good progress, though of course that'll change during the weekday :P

To end it off here's a gif of dog cat smacking the shit out of some fish.


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I love your art style and this idea is seriously the best! I know you plan to have an actual cat sprite, but maybe if you have time/after the jam you can add a character select? Cause dang I'd love to play as dogcat.


Maybe! That'd be cool to learn :-0 Definitely a possibility if I have time at the end.


I !! love it !!! Such a cute, fun idea, and your pixel art is colorful and lovely. I'm excited to see it !

Thanks! I don't think I'll go with pixel art for the final look, but it is pretty fun :D


WOW just from the first image this game has me chuckling I love it. Its a great way of saying less is more when it comes to the coding of a game as long as you can back it up with otherthigs like the art :3

Thanks! I'm glad the art holds up well, even though it's a placeholder :P

Day 3

I came home from work and slept close to 12 hours and it felt great.

Day 4

I was going to learn how to put in a score system, but a few things happened:

1) I got sidetracked watching AGDQ streams and 2) I decided I really, really wanted to make the fish spin when you hit them and I spent all my coding time figuring that out.

I gave up after my first few attempts and made the dog cat spin instead, but if I've learned anything from MFGJ, it's NEVER GIVE UP!!!

SUCCESS!! It's not as satisfying as I was hoping tbh but you know what, I'll play with it later.

Stuff that's next:

- Actually learn how to code in a score system so the game has a win/lose condition and not just make.. things... spin.... OOPS haha
- Try to downgrade my OSX, again, so that I can punch OSX Sierra in the mouth for making my tablet drivers suck so bad. Kind of important I guess since my art assets progress is basically halted until I get this fixed.
- Make a main menu (I don't even know how to make one tbh I need to look this up)


endless spinning fishes is good too


I gotchu fam