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[Devlog] Hail G’arbazzh!

A topic by kikerkov created Jul 15, 2018 Views: 414 Replies: 5
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Hello World,

For some of us this is the first game jam, and some of us are learning new skills. (Mostly noobs)

Team:  Ryhime - Coder; Hellohello - Coder; Prof.Mudkip - Coder; Jengamon - Sound artist / Coder / MVP;  Sticks - Visual artist;  DJalonsi - Game designer;  Kikerkov - Game designer

After a few bumpy days before the jam began we were finally able to form a team and this is what we came up:


It was just an ordinary day for Maintenance Man. Cleaning the pipes, checking the power, making sure everything was in top shape. When M.M. walked to the top of the dam evaluating its state, he smells a horrible stench and turns around to find the number one villain of population: G’arbazzh /gʔæɾbaʒː/. M.M. quickly springs into action, setting the alarm off in the dam and grabbing the secret emergency weapon made just for this dirty situation. The Water Dispenser.

Concept art:


Game Design: upgrade progression system (work in progress)

Game Design Document:

Work in progress :) -

Trello Board:

Our goal is to have a whiteboard prototype within the next few days and finished game by the end of the first week. If we manage that we'll continue tinkering and adding features before the jam's done.

Thank you for blinking through our blog and good luck jamming.


wow, good work on getting you guys all organized w/ trello
and all the best 


dang this is a really thorough list of ideas and design in  your document so far! also i loooove the personality in your concepts already so far. it might be helpful to flip them so viewers don't have to turn their heads sideways to read the labels haha--i think if you upload to imgur it gives you some basic image editing options like rotation.

the trello looks great so far! i'm intrigued by the "primary quest" vs "secondary quest" labeling. i'm guessing this is a priority labeling? it's a cute naming convention haha. i had a quick suggestion for the board: i think it could be really helpful to think of your priorities in 3 tiers--something like high, mid, low, and the colors red, yellow, green which are really easy to read and understand at a glance (and the way trello organizes labels, red, yellow and green will actually show up /before/ the other colors--which makes appear first on all cards and even easier to read down a list).


Tnx J!

We really appreciate the feedback. The team has really cliked on the idea and everyone is pitching in on all fronts.

Even though the Trello board is public it's mostly to track our tasks and make everyone feel acomplished and on the same page.  So primary quest = anything that needs to be included in the main game, so all tasks here are HIGH :) and everything else is secondery until we finish the main objective of having a functional fleshed out game. Could you send us an example with a board that looks like you are suggesting it will help me understand what you have described in the suggestion :))

Thank you for the helpfull suggestions and thank you for keeping up with the community :D



mostly i suggest the red/yellow/green coloring because a lot of people already associate those colors with priority (look at stoplights, notifications for websites, etc.) here's the setup on trello: notice that the priority labels always appear as the first label.

trello actually is set up by default so that the red/yellow/green labels are above all the other labels so they appear first on cards:

obviously you don't have to use this convention--but just a small suggestion for some even easier legibility at a glance.

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Here's a mid-jam update from our team =)

Game mode: 

Survival - neutralizing bullets, killing garbage monsters and upgrading your skills gives you points which multiply with time you survived for a better score.

Player concept art and sprite:

Garbage monsters:







Background art:

Sound loops:

Current version of the game:





Mouse to aim 

LMB - shoot

WSAD - move

SPACE - pick up and put down Water Despenser

Q - open upgrade menu when next to the DAM

The project so far:

The team is split in three different time zones but we've managed create this bundle of smelly joy. 

We expect to start playtesting, tinkering and tunning the difficulty while our artist keeps creating more awesome garbage monsters. 

Please send us any feedback you might think of = )

Have fun trying the game.