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Tnx J!

We really appreciate the feedback. The team has really cliked on the idea and everyone is pitching in on all fronts.

Even though the Trello board is public it's mostly to track our tasks and make everyone feel acomplished and on the same page.  So primary quest = anything that needs to be included in the main game, so all tasks here are HIGH :) and everything else is secondery until we finish the main objective of having a functional fleshed out game. Could you send us an example with a board that looks like you are suggesting it will help me understand what you have described in the suggestion :))

Thank you for the helpfull suggestions and thank you for keeping up with the community :D


mostly i suggest the red/yellow/green coloring because a lot of people already associate those colors with priority (look at stoplights, notifications for websites, etc.) here's the setup on trello: notice that the priority labels always appear as the first label.

trello actually is set up by default so that the red/yellow/green labels are above all the other labels so they appear first on cards:

obviously you don't have to use this convention--but just a small suggestion for some even easier legibility at a glance.