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[Devlog] Megabyte

A topic by Monsterbat created Jul 22, 2017 Views: 194 Replies: 9
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Day 1, July 22

Good morning!

I didn't sleep last night and I have a barber appointment, so I'm probably going to go completely insane before the day is out. But still! This game will be good! I can tell already!

I came up with the name "Megabyte" because I had no idea how to name this thing. I keep hoping that in the end, the game's executable will be exactly one megabyte big. I somehow doubt that'll happen, since a megabyte sounds like it's either very big or very small.

It's still morning, so I'll probably update this later today once I actually have something done. Right now, it's just positivity!

The game's going to be a bullet hell in which things fly at you from the sides of the screen and you must avoid them for an amount of time, then fight back by shooting lasers/bullets/etc. I've created a keyboard based top-down shooter bullet hell before, so this is neighboring my comfort zone. Still, it's far enough away that I'll probably learn a bit while I make it!

I've got to go. Good luck everyone!


It's much later in the day, and I found a few minutes to write in my devlog. Hooray!

Today was a bit busier than I expected, so I only got in an hour to work on the game. Even so, I think I made very good progress!

I created four sprites (one for the player, one for the enemy, one bullet, and one mine) and implemented some basic gameplay mechanics. The enemy now bounces around the screen and every five seconds sprays bullets that you must dodge for five seconds. Failure to dodge results in the game closing. I don't have screenshots or software that allows easy capture of said screenshots, so that's going to be a big goal of mine tomorrow! I know there are resources recommended to share my work with others in easy formats, so I'm going to investigate tomorrow!

Once the weekend is over, I should have a ton more time to work on this game. Until then, I'll have to find as much time as I can to make this better.

I'm excited for the future!


I'm making a shmup too! I'm interested to see how this turns out.


Day 2, July 23

Good evening!

I have someone for you to meet. His name is chad, and he will be your playermodel for today.

Yes, yes, I know. He's beautiful. That's why his name is Chad. So handsome.

Ok, so in all seriousness, the playermodel needs some work. Still, it's functional! And it gives "flavor!"

Here's a gif of what I have so far, gameplay wise!



Day 3, July 24

Good day!

Today I worked on a TON of stuff for the game! I've remade the enemy sprite to be an eyeball instead of... whatever the heck it was before!

I have now added health for both you and the enemy (named "Megabyte") and a brand new type of enemy/obstacle! When you bring Megabyte's health down to 80/50 by hovering over him while he is not shooting bullets, it spawns an additional eyeball! Once he has reached 20 health the eyes speed up and a demonic mouth spawns in the center of the map! Running into the mouth will rapidly deplete your health.

Finally, I have added a game over screen for when you die instead of simply exiting the game. If you wish to exit, you must press escape (this will be changed to bring you to a menu in the near future).

That's all for today. Toodles!


I really like the eyeball art! I never thought to use pink as the shadow color but it makes sense.


Thank you!


whoa nice work with the prototype so far! even if you've done a similar game in the past i think revisiting concepts you've tried before allows you to do them more effectively and experiment with something you might not have been able to do before. i'm looking forward to seeing more progress!


Ok, it's not perfect, but its done!

Final Day, July 26

I implemented a main menu accessible by pressing esc, a win screen, and I got rid of the mouth I talked about last time. It's nothing really special, but I finished it and submitted it by a deadline. If I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty good! I tried to make it creepy.

I've kept this short and avoided screenshots to keep you in suspense. That is, until you decide whether or not to play it.

Have fun!



whoa nice job!! some screenshots would still be pretty cool to show people what they're getting into. part of devlogs + sharing wips on social media can be giving ppl peeks into what you're working on but also leaving some things hanging so that people are interested in trying it out.


Thanks for the advice!