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I can't really reliably fix the sensitivity of the aiming, but I can make the background brighter! It appears html5 resets the blend coefficient of all active objects to 0, but the problem is easily fixable and the solution will be presented in the next patch.

As for the fourth phase/entity, I may have been a little unclear. The first phase has two movement sets. When you begin, the boss is on a track going around the outside edges of the room, shooting at you. After you reduce his health by half, his moveset changes and he begins to actively follow you. I counted this as a phase, but it's more like a bit of a small shift in the first phase. Sorry if that was a bit confusing. :)

As for the space bar, I'll fix that the same way I did in Spiderbite: changing the button used in the next patch.

Thanks again for your bug spotting! :)

Interesting premise? Check. Gameplay that varies from level to level? Check.  Lovable spider protaganist? Check. General awesomeness? Check.

Long story short, this game is awesome, and I'd like more please, thank you.

Patch is out.

There is not, but I'll attempt to implement a solution in the next patch. Apologies for the inconvinience. If you wish to keep playing, it appears that the screen's giant nature only applies to the menu screen, the advice screen, and (possibly) the winning screen. Hitting play should restore it to acceptable levels.

Thank you for alerting me :)

Apologies for the game's slight buggginess, I will attempt to fix these problems. It's strange, there are always a few things that work when you initially bug test that break without explanation when you load it into html. As for the controls, I'll add a screen that explains them in the next patch ;).

Late Night Gaming is a simple horror game in five levels that slowly introduces new gameplay concepts to distract the player from the dark presence creeping out of their closet. The main objective is to download and play a minigame posted by their friend as a beta. 

You must wait for the project to download before playing.

You must stay alive while you wait.

You must stay awake to stay alive.

Good luck.

I liked the story, but the music didn't work.

This game  makes me seriously question if I'm worthy to have a brain in my skull.

10/10 would have an existential crisis again.

My computer screen started to break after playing this game.

Don't worry, I'll send you the bill. jk ;)

Great game! Fantastic art, good mechanics, short, sweet, and to the point! I'm curious, how long did it take to make this game?

Ah, I see what your problem is with the skins: you're in the wrong section! It's not in shop, its in unlocks XD

I'm gonna try to touch up the main menu pretty soon 

Thanks again for your feedback, Hobcramwork! 1: In relation to the gold- Currently, it is entirely luck based (something I personally dislike, and will be fixing as soon as possible). Every thirty seconds you survive, you have a 20% chance of gaining a gold piece. One of my playtesters managed to get three or four gold pieces over a few plays, while I only managed to get one after ten or twenty! So that will be changed as of version 0.6, which will introduce a few large gameplay changes!

2: The skins aren't working for you? I've been testing my game for a while, and I've never heard of this as of 0.5. In fact, I just loaded up the game, and the skins are working for me. Is there a chance that you didn't have a high enough score before you went to the unlocks screen? If not, is there any way you could send a screenshot of your problem?

3: The boss fight was meant to be pretty hard... but it's not the end of the game. I plan on introducing challenges and most likely additional bosses that more of the story. Mostly, the final "cutscene" was really only there to get you thinking about what could be going on.

I'm glad you're having fun!

As of yet, you still cannot shoot with the mouse. However, as of version 0.4.0, you can shoot using your ijkl keys! :D

Out of popular demand, the new update has added twin stick controls! Thank you for your feedback :)

Thanks for your kind words! I've just released version 0.4.0 which allows for twin stick controls, as well as adds multiple achievements and a purchasable 'grimoire' if you are interested :)

Fixed! :)

Just finished releasing version 0.3.2. The unlocks page now works, along with a bunch of other bug fixes you mentioned. Thanks again!

Thank you for your extensive review! In light of that, I'm going to attempt to address each of your points with one of my own.  Apologies if it's a bit long :)

One, I have incorporated multiple controls for shooting into the game. If one doesn't work, another might. Check the description or the in-game page labeled "controls" to find out what does what :)

Two, I have begun to encounter problems with some  values behaving as they should in my downloadable test version and the same values not working in the online version. The gold value is one of these values. I'll look into how to fix it, although it may take more time than fixing the HP problem that arose before the patch.

However, I am also working on an update that should phase out the need for gold to upgrade your max health. :P

Three, the pacifist achievement tree has been bugging out to some major degree, and I had planned on maybe even getting rid of that achievement all together and replacing it with some more straight forward ones. For your information, the pacifist achievement tree was supposed to activate once you dodged flies without killing them for an extensive period of time (ten minutes to be exact)... yeah, I'm probably getting rid of that.

Three, I'm glad you thought that the movement/aiming system was a good piece of gameplay.  I was considering replacing it with twin stick controls, but even if I do I believe I'll release an "original mode" or something along those lines with the original controls still intact.

Finally, if you got far enough in the game, you should have unlocked a few skins in the unlocks menu. Simply click on the word "Unlocks" in the main menu and select a skin, then play the game and the skin should show up. This should help make the spider more visible :)

Good luck, and thanks for the feedback!

P. S. good job getting to the boss with the gold system glitching, on one health it took me a few days to do!

Working on a fix for the whole health upgrade situation as we speak. :)

I've seen that bug before, but it doesn't seem to always do it. I'll do a bit more testing, see if I can fix it. Thanks for letting me know its not just me.

Yeah, I posted an update to the game a little bit ago, and I believe there have been some issues. Sorry about that. It will be fixed in the next patch, which I'll get out as soon as possible. :)

Thank you. I apologize for your inability to die, the new update appears to have a few issues. It will be fixed in the next patch.

I've just posted an update to the game that should have fixed the problems you were having. Thank you for your feedback!

Would it be ok to post an update to an old game you only posted the early version of? and what if you've been working on multiple games, can you submit more than one project?

The game won't start for me. Is this just me?

I really enjoyed trying to avoid the ghost, but my screen scrolled up and down when I pressed the up and down arrow keys, and when I went full screen the game froze! Good concept!

I really liked your game! I know that gives little info, so here's a short synopsis!


Good graphics

Addicting gameplay

Challenging parkour sessions


Limited replayability

Repetitive gameplay


Good game! I only wish there was more!

P. S. sorry if this went on a little long, I don't comment very often. 

Thank you very much!

You're good, man! I'll keep that in mind for next time :)

Thanks! I'll try and focus on the commentary in future games! :)

Finished up the game with a cheesy ending and a secret, as well as a new name and some hints! It's now "Escape" and it is playable in the browser. Enjoy!


Day 3, July 31

I have made the scares!

You're gonna have to look close, probably. Also added a jumpscare, but I'm not spoiling the surprise. Aaaaand the puzzles are done! Level 1 is complete!


Day 2, July 28

I worked on the computer interface and got a primitive version up and running!

As you see, it covers the whole screen so you won't be able to see if a monster comes up. I may work on it a bit more later, but at least its working!


Day 1, July 27

Good day to you!

Partway through creating my last game, I realized that my heart wasn't really in it. I was putting off doing it instead of getting excited to make it like my first game. As this is "My First Game Jam," I finished it and submitted it, and people were happy... but I wasn't. It was simplistic and not very creative. In fact, I had designed it that way thinking it'll give me something to start with, then once it's done I can add to it. But then, I finished with nine days to spare and with nothing to add.

Then I had an idea I was genuinely excited about. I hope to make this game and show it to you great people in my remaining time and see if I can make something I'm truly proud of!

I call it "Framed" (a pun on 'Frame,' which is what a level is called in Clickteam Fusion).  It's a 2d pixelated-style horror puzzle game in which the player explores a house while a mysterious presence stalks them. Simple enough, but there's a twist- the player must solve puzzles based on the various numbers and phrases strewn throughout the house. They do this with the help of a mysterious tablet/computer interface that allows them to input the numbers/phrases and output the solutions and hints to the various puzzles. The problem is that, while the computer is up, it's possible for the player to be attacked by the monster. If they don't check the environment, they'll die by the monster, but if they put the computer down they lose everything they were typing. They have to balance if they want to survive.

Today, I began work on the project, implementing a basic movement system and adding sprites for the player and environment. This is what I came up with after an hour or two:

Tomorrow, I hope to implement a few hints and the first glimpse of the monster. Happy trails, everyone!


Thanks for the advice!

Ok, it's not perfect, but its done!

Final Day, July 26

I implemented a main menu accessible by pressing esc, a win screen, and I got rid of the mouth I talked about last time. It's nothing really special, but I finished it and submitted it by a deadline. If I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty good! I tried to make it creepy.

I've kept this short and avoided screenshots to keep you in suspense. That is, until you decide whether or not to play it.

Have fun!


Thank you!

Day 3, July 24

Good day!

Today I worked on a TON of stuff for the game! I've remade the enemy sprite to be an eyeball instead of... whatever the heck it was before!

I have now added health for both you and the enemy (named "Megabyte") and a brand new type of enemy/obstacle! When you bring Megabyte's health down to 80/50 by hovering over him while he is not shooting bullets, it spawns an additional eyeball! Once he has reached 20 health the eyes speed up and a demonic mouth spawns in the center of the map! Running into the mouth will rapidly deplete your health.

Finally, I have added a game over screen for when you die instead of simply exiting the game. If you wish to exit, you must press escape (this will be changed to bring you to a menu in the near future).

That's all for today. Toodles!


Day 2, July 23

Good evening!

I have someone for you to meet. His name is chad, and he will be your playermodel for today.

Yes, yes, I know. He's beautiful. That's why his name is Chad. So handsome.

Ok, so in all seriousness, the playermodel needs some work. Still, it's functional! And it gives "flavor!"

Here's a gif of what I have so far, gameplay wise!


(1 edit)

Day 1, July 22

Good morning!

I didn't sleep last night and I have a barber appointment, so I'm probably going to go completely insane before the day is out. But still! This game will be good! I can tell already!

I came up with the name "Megabyte" because I had no idea how to name this thing. I keep hoping that in the end, the game's executable will be exactly one megabyte big. I somehow doubt that'll happen, since a megabyte sounds like it's either very big or very small.

It's still morning, so I'll probably update this later today once I actually have something done. Right now, it's just positivity!

The game's going to be a bullet hell in which things fly at you from the sides of the screen and you must avoid them for an amount of time, then fight back by shooting lasers/bullets/etc. I've created a keyboard based top-down shooter bullet hell before, so this is neighboring my comfort zone. Still, it's far enough away that I'll probably learn a bit while I make it!

I've got to go. Good luck everyone!


It's much later in the day, and I found a few minutes to write in my devlog. Hooray!

Today was a bit busier than I expected, so I only got in an hour to work on the game. Even so, I think I made very good progress!

I created four sprites (one for the player, one for the enemy, one bullet, and one mine) and implemented some basic gameplay mechanics. The enemy now bounces around the screen and every five seconds sprays bullets that you must dodge for five seconds. Failure to dodge results in the game closing. I don't have screenshots or software that allows easy capture of said screenshots, so that's going to be a big goal of mine tomorrow! I know there are resources recommended to share my work with others in easy formats, so I'm going to investigate tomorrow!

Once the weekend is over, I should have a ton more time to work on this game. Until then, I'll have to find as much time as I can to make this better.

I'm excited for the future!