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Projects started before the Jam allowed?

A topic by Dr. Ludos created Jul 22, 2020 Views: 95 Replies: 6
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Hi Everyone!

I have a question regarding the Jam rules: I started working on a (small) MS-DOS games a few months ago, but the project isn't complete nor released yet.

Can I resume work on this project and try to complete it for the Jam?

Or must all the game entries be created from scratch during the Jam timeline?

Thanks for your help!

I think that all entries have to be made from scratch.

Ok, thanks for the answer!

I was wondering because the first MS Dos Game Jam was open to submissions started (but not finished) before the compo, so I thought that maybe the third edition kept this rule.

This is my first "MS-DOS Game Jam" so I don't know the rules or anything. All I know is that you have to create an MS-DOS game


Yes, games are allowed before the jam

sorry for late reply

Hi, thanks for the info!

If I manage to find enough free time, I'll try to resume working on my small MS-Dos game project and complete it for the jam then :)
Thanks for hosting the jam!

is there a tutorial for snes game dev? I would love that!