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There is a reason why the game jam is so empty

Nobody is willing to make new games for DOS; atleast not a considerable amount of people. DOS games; in contrast to other game jams it is purely DOS. Making a DOS game takes time and patiente.

The last game jam ran for 2-3 months and got a few submissions; 15 submissions is op for this type of game jams.

And to spice things up: the game jam is not mainstream, people prefer Unity or "do X" game jam types instead of "code natively for old platforms".

The DOS game jam is only for DOS games, you need to make something that runs on DOSBox/DOS, but your game does not run in any, and is just a VBs script?

The games you submitted dont work in DOS at all, VBs was released as VisualBasic Script for WINDOWS, not for MSDOS

If you know how to use VBs. and want your game approved, go take a look at DOS QuickBasic or BASIC, submit your game (as BASIC code or compiled executable) and it will be accepted.

This is like if you submitted a pizza to a cake contest.

Title ^

Not an actual DOS game just a VBS script

Thanks!!! Added those to the mainpage

Yes, games are allowed before the jam

sorry for late reply

can there be 32-bit linux build?

Game looks good, however my pc is too potato for running WINE emulator

What is this?

(2 edits)

I host a game jam and since a month it dsen't appears in searches (only in google searches)

I host 3 (and 1 that ended) and none appears trough searches, nor in my profile, but they exist.

This are the "not shown" game jams:

use dosbox


Antiviruses lie.

it's in a early stage, so it could be the game, do not input letters when putting numbers tho

arrow keys to move, enter to select and ESC to exit current task

dos games = 256 color pixelart un a 320x200 screen resolution

Alright, I corrected it once again.

Alright corrected the error ;)

it has been since 3 days tho

Yeah, it just dosen't appears, wich is kinda weird, is this normal or not?

You can use DOSBox emulator to play the game

You need a real machine or a DOS emulator to run the EXE

So, it happens that i cant play the game because it is 64-bits.

Any way to fix?

2 far east.

I love the way you made the game have finals, finding all finals would be headcaching but satisfying at the same moment.

Hi, i want to know that if Command Prompt games count?