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For some reason none of the versions download, gives me a "download failed" message on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

It says it takes 30 minutes to download. It's actually 4 minutes, and you have to retry the download to get it to complete the download, its easy click on it a few times (try it in the Firefox browser)

But it doesn't run on my windows 10 computer.

um how do i get color to work?

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is this true? I can't believe it! cant waiit for gba but this will do

thank you

is there a tutorial for snes game dev? I would love that!

hey, how did yo learn how to code this?

thanks dude!

how? i'm in disbelief

wow that music is awesome.

We need a SNES maker too but thats for a different comment section.

I personally love testing games, I wish the best luck to you!

I love this game. Its mysterious. I want to keep playing to figure it all out. The puzzles were very trippy! I like the art style. The game world is very colorful, and interesting to explore. The graphics pop out, the gameplay is good. Thanks for sharing the game.

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What is the story of the game about? I enjoy the game, its pretty unique.

I really like the game's native american style. I am part native myself. This is very cool. Anything you need help with? I don't know how to code, but I will do writing.

Greetings from USA!

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I have an idea for a sequel to GB Studio: GBA STUDIO

For Gameboy Advance games. I NEED THAT please! YAAAS!

There would be much freedom with less limitations, The Gameboy is okay, but if there were a GBA version, I would be able to make my game the best it could be. Thank you for making GB Studio, I can make a prototype of my game.