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Ciara Garrity

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Man, this is really cool, saves me time, and save me from stress.

Thank you for making this.

I will think about getting this game, when I have the funds, looks amazing!

Thank you for speaking up for animals! Thank you for addressing the issues of climate change, deforestation, poachers, and habitat losses.

You should advertise more, this game deserves more attention.

For some odd reason, hitting enter and/or shift does not start the game. Can't start the game.

This game was a challenge, that's not something you see everyday.

This is a game I would come back to, it's like a game I would get from a store.

I love the difficulty! The dialog, the map, the artstyle is top notch.

You should sell physical cartridges! It'd be great to experience on my GBA.

I still don't know how to use the link cable features.

I can't find it in the docs, and fanmade tutorials are kind of hard to follow.

Please add info on the Link Cable, I really need it,

Thank you!

Did you know if you use Bing Cares, with every search you do it earn you points which turn into money that gets donated every month, The Dark Sky association is one of the charities! They are severely underfunded.Go to to start.

Eject the engine, by hitting the game tab, advanced, then eject, it will ask for you to eject it twice. And then run the game like normal should fix it. You may have to do this again when you exit out of gb studio.

is 3.0 out yet? it's been months, I can't wait!

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I wish that you could add more than 10 actors to the games without graphical errors.

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There's a bug where the engine looks for a gbsproj file, I cannot uninstall the engine and reinstall it either.

I screwed up the engine when trying to modify it.

nevermind, I fixed my own problem by starting a new project.

Chris Matbly, dude your program is way way way better than Godot.

By a long shot, you know it's good when you learn a bunch in a week and retain skills.

With Godot I didn't learn anything in a  month. I was in development hell, now with gb studio I'm in game development Heaven. Please advertise more.

Show some commercials on TV, on Reddit, and on Youtube.

This is the perfect software to teach anybody, and I mean it!

You saved my butt. And my project.

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there's a glitch that allows me to throw sprites around using the flags, it's very funny to watch what happens. Helps when you need sprites to dissapear. Thanks a lot, despite it not working for bigger sprites. I think it adds to the experience.

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For some reason none of the versions download, gives me a "download failed" message on both Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

It says it takes 30 minutes to download. It's actually 4 minutes, and you have to retry the download to get it to complete the download, its easy click on it a few times (try it in the Firefox browser)

But it doesn't run on my windows 10 computer.

um how do i get color to work?

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is this true? I can't believe it! cant waiit for gba but this will do

thank you

is there a tutorial for snes game dev? I would love that!

hey, how did yo learn how to code this?

thanks dude!

how? i'm in disbelief

wow that music is awesome.

We need a SNES maker too but thats for a different comment section.

I personally love testing games, I wish the best luck to you!

I love this game. Its mysterious. I want to keep playing to figure it all out. The puzzles were very trippy! I like the art style. The game world is very colorful, and interesting to explore. The graphics pop out, the gameplay is good. Thanks for sharing the game.

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What is the story of the game about? I enjoy the game, its pretty unique.

I really like the game's native american style. I am part native myself. This is very cool. Anything you need help with? I don't know how to code, but I will do writing.

Greetings from USA!

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I have an idea for a sequel to GB Studio: GBA STUDIO

For Gameboy Advance games. I NEED THAT please! YAAAS!

There would be much freedom with less limitations, The Gameboy is okay, but if there were a GBA version, I would be able to make my game the best it could be. Thank you for making GB Studio, I can make a prototype of my game.