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A NES ROM put together with all of my heart! LOOKING FOR WRITERS · By SLDev

Feedback Sticky

A topic by SLDev created Jun 14, 2020 Views: 131 Replies: 4
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Let me know about your thoughts!

Really cool artstyle! A few of the screens felt a bit overwhelming/confusing with the multiple exits, similar colors and no map, but it shows alot of potential!

quit after I got about 10 parts and got lost but i liked it!


thank you so much! this gave me a good idea of what to improve in following updates and i’m happy to hear you‘ve enjoyed it so far. 

greetings from austria! 

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What is the story of the game about? I enjoy the game, its pretty unique.

I really like the game's native american style. I am part native myself. This is very cool. Anything you need help with? I don't know how to code, but I will do writing.

Greetings from USA!


That means a lot thank you! c: and wed appreciate to have a writer on the team  a ton since that is the weakest spot of the game and were sadly not good writers ourselves xc do you have discord? wed love to welcome you into out development team <3

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