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Inspired by Titan Souls, get only one projectile to work with. Made by Parker, arrakh and ceeazy.
Submitted by ceeazy (@ceeazy), arrakh — 1 hour, 12 minutes before the deadline
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Creative use of theme#1122.7423.167

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The game is nice, it's missing an artistic direction or some graphical assets but the main mechanics are in place ! There are cool FX it's nice and controls are easy to handle. :)

Some ideas of small changes to improve the experience a bit (in my opinion) :
- Spawn the enemy randomly in the arena (or make different spawn points).
- Add a little background music (depending on the mood of the game).
- Add a constant sound on the enemy to be able to locate it more easily.
- Add a feedback when you are hit : actually we diesuddenly without realizing it, it could be a sound + a small FX and a mini delay before moving on!
- Add a sound and/or feedback when the ammo is available again.
- Add a simple scoring system to give a goal to the player in the longer term
- Add a simple menu start / quit, a screen on which we arrive before the game starts! With also controls (why not written in text). It would also allow to have a little break after a game, as it was said everything goes very fast!
- Add some graphic assets! A character, an enemy, a weapon, an environment? Even very simple, I think that the game would gain a lot to have his own universe ! Maybe with some free assets ?
Here are some suggestions that may give you ideas :)
And congratulations for your participation !


Wow, lot's of valuable feedback, thank you!

Loved your artstyle guys, definitely hard to compete with!


The mechanics are very interesting and work very well. There are some particles, it' s nice! Maybe you could add more feedbacks (for example the first time I died I didn't understand why). The game is fun, and I think it could be amazing with more enemies/different types of enemies, score system. Good job :)


Thanks for your optimism and trying of course! :)


Game Mechanics are solid. I think it would have helped to give the player a few seconds to breath and get used to the controls before throwing them into the fray. I can see this going somewhere if the mechanics got expanded for more player expression, and interesting bosses.

Good job.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for checking it out, appreciate it! 


No problem!


Game mechanics worked pretty well, wish I had seen a little better art. Overall had a good time for 2-3 minutes!


Ayeee! Thanks for testing out!


A simple idea, cleanly executed.  Well done!

A coupe of points for improvement -

I died almost immediately, before i had a chance to figure out what was happening - consider starting the player away from the enemy so that they can make visual contact and know how long they have to take in their surroundings before needing to act.

Something in the UI to keep track of how many times the player has won / lost would be good.

Personally i found the skewed camera angle a little off-putting.

Thanks for working hard and submitting to the Jam!


Thanks for the feedback and playing! Will be greatly taken to heart. :)