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Wow, lot's of valuable feedback, thank you!

Loved your artstyle guys, definitely hard to compete with!

Thanks for your optimism and trying of course! :)

Break a leg! 

King of game feel.

I eventually got hit so hard, my legs and even the enemies' broke.

Glad you still submitted despite the rough way! I think everyone can relate to that, so still good job considering the circumstances!

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Thanks for checking it out, appreciate it! 

Cool! Thanks for the heads up! 

Like the core gameplay loop, I'd probably have given the rings a more danger-screaming shader (like flames, for example). Also love the use of the HDR map (not sure if true HDR?) and the little 3D menu you made. :D

Somehow this game really stands out artistically.

Hands down the most creative use of theme seen so far, especially since the base theme is such a generic one (collecting gems). I also find the ground idea of implementation nice and satisfying.

Unfortunately, collision is a bit janked here and there, which most of the time makes it unplayable after a while. But I also liked the art-style you were going for; a bit more toon shading would look great on this!

Btw, which engine did you guys use? :)

Unfortunately due to the collision handling, it feels a bit janky. Would have also been great if you could see a check mark on the tutorial dialogue box without hovering the mouse over it. A little cooldown indicator for the teleport and a reason to use the rewind mechanic would've been cool too. :)

As others pointed out, the art is cool! Since I'm a Genji main, you'll still get my love! Also liked the playful concept and theme of the game. :)

Not gonna lie, it actually doesn't look and even feel that bad. With some adjustment to the camera system, I could totally see this working!

Wow, that was actually quite challenging! You really gotta manage those pieces against your foes before you break them all apart, especially against the smaller ghosts (?) (you die in one hit, I love it). Although the telekinesis doesn't really prioritize greatly, it felt smooth and satisfying once I got the hang of it. I probably would have rebinded 1 and 2 to different keys, but also adore the little sound design and art-style. 

Bonus points for the little outro!

Ayeee! Thanks for testing out!

It had me a bit confused to be honest.. I guess shooting the trash cans below yourself is supposed to boost you up? Sometimes I was able to jump insanely high without doing so?

But still a really playful idea if you think about it. :) Also fits the platformer concept.

Visually very appealing! Very atmospheric and unsettling as you'd expect. ;)

A little puzzle here or there would've made it even better.

Thanks for the feedback and playing! Will be greatly taken to heart. :) 

Don't mention it! 

That was actually a pretty fun little game for my last game today! Would've loved to see a cameo of Doomfist's other abilities.

I really liked the simple art-style, it's primitive but really well-done and fits perfectly (probably because I just love those those MGS-style overhead indicators). Love how the arena is laid out so you can't just bait and punch them off all the time. Highscore was 44! :D

Actually quite horrifying when those guys start shootin'. Also fits the soundtrack really well. :D

I know AI is always that thing, but I probably would have implemented some more logic other than MoveTo() for a bit more randomization.