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Thanks for the feedback Daniel. Doing everything myself tends to do that, trying to get better at it. Thanks for taking the time to play it.

No problem!

Game Mechanics are solid. I think it would have helped to give the player a few seconds to breath and get used to the controls before throwing them into the fray. I can see this going somewhere if the mechanics got expanded for more player expression, and interesting bosses.

Good job.

That was the idea, but doing everything yourself has its disadvantages. Thank you for the feedback Ceeazy!

No problem. Always happy to help.

Few things. The I like the style, and the atmosphere. I do have a few questions. Is there anything planned to meld the theme of forgiveness with the gameplay other than talking to people and making a judgement call?

Maybe it'd change the player in someway or make change the outlook of other characters, stuff like that.

I know that this's a very early prototype, so maybe I'm dead wrong about all of that. Keep on going.

Here are minor issues I found

-Can still move in dialog

-Invisible walls

Sincerely, Michael Taylor

No problem.

Should have tried this earlier. Here's some feedback.


-Art's good, but I assume a lot of it is proof of concept before polishing?

- Tackling localization from the beginning, that'll save a lot of headache

-The boss is great, making the player remember their energy hook ability while at the same time not charging in.


-I can pause during dialogue. I don't know if that was intentional or not.

-I had some weird camera jittering  when moving, both with the controller and keys. It maybe because the camera is struggling to catch up with the player character.

-Some parts of the background (pipes and whatever else) look walkable, but aren't. Again it maybe because it's a proof of concept and I may be judging too early.

-When you're introducing the ultimate attack (where the screen turns red and black), it might be better to introduce it a few inches more where the thugs are in full view. I thought the slime cat thing was the enemy.

Looks like a pretty solid start, I'll be keeping up with the updates.

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Negative World Log #31: Making Movies and SFX.

This weeks weekly update.

On the road to content completion.

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Feel free to comment and give feedback.

Too long didn't watch

-Lightning Hazards are Functional

-World 4 is half way concepted

-World 2 is done (level design wise)

-World 3 is needs to be rearranged a bit