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Should have tried this earlier. Here's some feedback.


-Art's good, but I assume a lot of it is proof of concept before polishing?

- Tackling localization from the beginning, that'll save a lot of headache

-The boss is great, making the player remember their energy hook ability while at the same time not charging in.


-I can pause during dialogue. I don't know if that was intentional or not.

-I had some weird camera jittering  when moving, both with the controller and keys. It maybe because the camera is struggling to catch up with the player character.

-Some parts of the background (pipes and whatever else) look walkable, but aren't. Again it maybe because it's a proof of concept and I may be judging too early.

-When you're introducing the ultimate attack (where the screen turns red and black), it might be better to introduce it a few inches more where the thugs are in full view. I thought the slime cat thing was the enemy.

Looks like a pretty solid start, I'll be keeping up with the updates.

Thanks for the feedback, Michael!

No problem.