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A jam submission

Teh KittehView game page

a tiny platformer for Mini-Jam 80
Submitted by Rainsong — 8 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#653.7503.750

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
ct.js and Aseprite

Use of the limitation
8x8px pixel art (except for the score numbers)

Cookies eaten

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 Solid platforming controls and fun to play!  I like the graphics too!  Great work!! :D


Thanks so much :D


I too fell victim to unreachable platforms, and would have benefited from a reset button of sorts. Moving platforms would also open pathways to otherwise unreachable platforms.

Good work on the tile variety; goes a long way to make it visually interesting.

You might also consider sound effects and background music to complete the experience.

Nevertheless, off to a great start! Good work, and good luck! :D


Oooh, moving platforms are a great idea.

Thanks so much for playing and giving feedback on the game. :)


I liked the graphics in this game! There is not enough music and a reset button. This button would be very useful. Nice project! I liked this game!


Thanks so much.  :)


Teh Kitteh deserves recognition for the very sweet graphics. I really enjoyed looking at the Pixel Art in the platforms. It's a decent platformer at heart. I feel the experience was ruined due to some platforms not being possible to reach. It seems that the game becomes more of a puzzle unintentionally. There's no restart button so it clearly unintentional. It's a real shame that the Developer hasn't fixed these problems. Hopefully they fix it soon! Great work, Rainsong! :D


Thank you so much for this feedback. I'm planning to do some updates after the voting period is over (taking a week off work to update some games :D ). I hadn't realized that some of the platforms were unreachable - I hadn't play-tested it enough to find that problem, apparently - so that's very helpful.  Thanks again :D


I liked the game, but it is hard to reach certain places if you have fallen down, and I wish there was an end screen


Thanks so much :D

Nice game.
It was fun to make the kitty jump around and knock over the planties.

A few things that stood out to me was the fuzzy "scaled" art on the start screen. (which I think is partly at fault due to engine settings)

Some platforms were a bit hard to jump back on to after descending.

Music! I missed having some music and sound effects in the game which was a bummer and would greatly enhance the experience.

Finally, at the end of the objective: Knock over plants 16/16. I expected something of an end screen or a next level which wasn't present.

Again, nice game and fun experience. I quite liked how you had some "glide" time left if you jumped up and collided with a platform before your "jump-time" ended. Makes for fun times with tiny kitteh.


Thanks so much for the detailed feedback :)

Little 8px turns into velvet-kitty after scaling up that much. I was a little surprised he didn't end up fuzzier...

I'll probably add more levels and/or an end/Win screen next week. Could add some Beepbox tunes to it, possibly, too. I wonder if I can get a decent pot-crashing sound with a percussion setting...hmm.

Happy to hear that the gravity settings seemed to work for this scale. :)

Thanks again :)


Must break.. all p o t s..!

Very cute game! Nice and simple :D

I believe it was the bottom left green platforms that have the jumping issues
I did find if I spammed jump (by holding space bar) and try to go to the platform, sometimes the cat would almost do a double jump which does eventually let me get to the higher green platform.

Again, excellent work!


Thanks so much :D


Some times you can't come back to some plattforms if you fall.

Very good job with the textures!!


Thanks so much. 

And thanks for letting me know about not being able to get back to some platforms. Very useful feedback :)


Your textures are sooooo lovely!

A little too short however.


Thank you so much!

Yes, it's definitely too short. I'd originally planned to add some more levels, but the weekend got away from me. (Mostly, though, I was mostly trying something in the coding.)