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This is pretty brilliant! Friendly, well-designed interface; and excellent idea. :)

Thanks so much! :)

Nicely done! Quite a respectable pixel art app :D

Cool idea. The bounciness of the letters thrown on the screen is pretty nifty, too.

Hilarious! The cracks on the keys are a great touch.

Lots of fun. Will definitely be using this.

This is a lot of fun. Could definitely see using it for login-names on characters' emails and chatrooms.

Thanks so much! :)

This is pretty funny, and fits the theme perfectly. The 'cracks' on the keys are the icing on the cake!

Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

That's a fun sprite. :) Thanks for trying out the app-thing. :)

Very nice! Thanks for trying my app-thing. :)

Very cool. This will be especially useful when making NPCs who are using email or chatrooms in-scene.

Lots of fun! :)

Brilliant! Love the graphics, and can totally see using this for game ideas. :D

Thanks so much. :)  Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for giving it a try. :) The multiple-jump / 'spam jump button' thing was intentional. I just liked the movement better that way.

Thanks for giving it a try, and for the detailed feedback. :)

Thanks for giving it a try. :) My experiment with the graphics appears to have failed.

Thanks for trying it out. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks :D

Thanks :D That's what we were aiming for :D

Thanks so much!  Glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks for trying it out. :) The current iteration is a bit more difficult than we'd intended, for the running part.

We're still working on getting the difficulty level quite 'right'... Thanks for trying out :D

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :D

Thanks for trying it out. I'm glad you had fun with it :D

Thanks so much :D

Cool idea for future updates. Thanks. :)

Congrats to everyone who made an entry. It's very cool how different all the styles and ideas are.

Thanks so much :D

Thank you for trying it out, and for the useful feedback. :D

Thanks. Credit to the artist's spouse/partner for that idea :D

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Very fun. :) Congrats on your first jam. That's one very cute cube-hamster.

Because you asked about presentation issues, with Unity games... I find I usually need to add 60 pixels or so to the height and width of the field of play, when posting a Unity game on, to avoid cutting off the frame. And "scale to screen-size" is useful for UI elements: it can be maddening while making the game, but it can avoid weird placements and sizes of the scores and timers.

Very nice. Pretty well-balanced gameplay.

Nice game. Very clever idea.

Thanks, Stealthness. That's very useful feedback.

Multi-game jams are always tricky that way. You made a game! And it's a nifty game. (Love the character animation, by the way.) You can always do the accompanying game outside the jam, if you still want to.