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Art is very well done. Game concept is fun, and challenging. (I had the sound off at the time, though, so can't comment on Garug's music)

Nicely done. This is a very cool game.

Quite a fun game :)

Very cool. This is a lot of fun. Love the waving gummies :)

Nice! Looks good, plays well. I had to put the zoom at less 75% to fit it on my screen, but that's a minor quibble. Good job!

Lots of fun. Nice graphics, too :)

That's also possible, of course. Weird thing to do, though.

Anyone else having strange results on their dashboard analytics for this jam's game? 

The number of ratings my game has apparently received is larger than the number of plays, according to the analytics page, which is weird. It's happened once before, that there was indication of more plays than the analytics page registered, in a non-jam game. Sure, friends might claim to have tried it when they really didn't, but in that case they'd offered pretty specific feedback, on that one.


Whoooo! :)  Congratulations to all of you :) 

That was pretty fun. And the non-candy additions were pretty funny. Nice work. :)

Thanks so much :) This was my first attempt at this style of animation.

Thanks for trying it.  :)  Current version is supposed to collect chimneys, too, but yea, I didn't make that very clear.

Clever and hilarious :)

Neat idea, nice graphics. :)

Wouldn't start from the title screen :( The title screen looks nifty, and the music is fun, though.

Cute graphics, good music for the theme, clever idea :)

Thanks for giving it a try. I'd planned to add music, and sound effects, but ran out of 'steam' toward the end of the weekend, after trying to track down some bugs to fix problems already there.

Thanks. Hmmm, that level idea is cool :)

Thanks for giving it a try, and for the advice.

Thanks for trying it out :)

Congrats on your first completed game, Churro Theory. :)

Thanks for trying it out.

Thanks so much :)

I think I'll add some sound (I'd been going to, and had some sounds picked out, but ran out of time while chasing down a different problem).

The jumping while running thing is also in the queue to attempt. :)

Thanks. Jump-while-running is one of the things I'm going to try to figure out next. Needed to figure out jump-without-crashing-game first :D

Fun idea :)

Pretty cool. The concept is very imaginative.

Very clever, and a lot of fun. 

Very clever, and a lot of fun. 

Very clever and a lot of fun!

Thanks. :) There are clearly some movement mechanics I still need to figure out. 

Thanks so much. That's very useful feedback, and I love the idea of Doggo putting his buddy back together with the wrenches. :)

Thanks for giving it a try, and letting me know about the issue. I'll see if I can duplicate the problem here, and -hopefully- fix the issue.

Thanks for trying it out. :)

When I tested the game (trying to get rid of the worst of the bugs... ), I found that if I hit space and A or D at the same time, Doggo will do a sort of run-and-jump combination. It's not elegant, but it might be close.

Cool. Thanks.

Another noob question. As the topic asks, is there planning to be a Mini Jam concurrent with Ludem Dare? (I'd expect the answer to be 'no', given that Ludem Dare is advertised on the Mini Jam jam pages.)


Welcome! :)

This is pretty fun. 


Cute characters, good game play. Had to re-fresh the tab to get from the tutorial page to starting the game, though.