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The Passing (v1.0.3)View game page

Shackled by your burdens, passing on can sometimes be a trial on its own.
Submitted by Fmlad (@FmladUpdates) — 5 hours, 9 minutes before the deadline
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How did you manage to put these sprites together in such a short amount of time? And the shading is also great. This is one of the best looking games I've ever played in a game jam. The audio was also great, but the 3d effect on them was a bit irritating.

The gameplay was fun, but a bit awkward at times. The ice physics are strange because it prevents you from moving, and I think the springs should have a set height instead of letting you hold space to increase the height. Also I think a bit of feedback would've been nice. At first I wasn't sure if I activated the checkpoints.

But those are just minor issues. It's still a great game.


I am used to making art assets quick, its one of my strengths and in total i spent about 6 hours making the art. The audio 3D effect was over done even on the update, I am still new to this and will need to learn more in order to avoid it being irritating.

The ice mechanic caused a few issues while i was coding it and jumping caused some oddities, I decided to disable you from jumping and keep it in as it was. The spring 'super' jump was unintentional and I am still looking for a solution. Coding in C# and using unity has been an exciting journey for me as I am pretty new and have only been doing this for about 2 weeks. Feedback on the checkpoints would of been a lot better I agree and time was becoming a huge factor. (I really wanted the wizard hat to move from each checkpoint to show it was an active checkpoint :D)


Very pretty game, but lacks in feedback to the player. There were also some bugs which caused my jump height to vary drastically, sometimes launching me way up right into an axe. Some more checkpoints would've been nice too. Sound is pretty good too! But lacks a jumping or movement sound which was kind of jarring.

Platforming controls were pretty tight which is good! Good job :)


Thank you for your great feedback! The jump height bug was discovered early however i was unable to fix it in time. I will work on these and update in the soon future. :) 


The aesthetics are top notch! Visuals and sound work very well.


Thank you very much! Did you manage to reach the top? 


I reached the second half after the save, but i am very awful at platformers


Hehe its okay. I was only able to complete it a handful of times also. Thanks for playing! I'm looking forward to getting home and playing all the mini jam submissions and yours too! 


I replayed it with the changes, it feels way better!

I managed to finish it, in general it is more engaging, between the sound, the improved  progression and the additional checkpoints.

Nicely done!


Thank you so much, I am happy the changes helped :) Thanks for playing!