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A topic by CS Dev created Oct 06, 2018 Views: 139 Replies: 2
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Hey there! I've been working on my Micro-RPG and I just read the rules again, which talk about tables not counting towards the word count. How exactly do you construct said tables in a .txt file in terms of formatting?  Can you provide an example please?


The word-counting tool linked on the main Jam page has an example of this when you first open it.

You can use characters like "-" and "|" to make a table that looks like this:

| d4 | Result |
| 1  | Sock   |
| 2  | Shoe   |
| 3  | Pants  |
| 4  | Hat    |

Ah, I'm sorry about not noticing that, I didn't see it after using the tool to count my words. Thanks for the clarification though!