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The Wayfarer

A topic by Geecko on the Wall created Apr 09, 2019 Views: 160 Replies: 8
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I’m working on a draft with some literary inspirations which the Italian community of indie game designers generally love: mainly The Seven Messengers by Dino Buzzati, and Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino (and, in general, the figure of Marco Polo).

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I only have one word for that: <3

– Antonio

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This is the first attempt to write the premise for my game:

After several years of wars and struggles, their magnificence Torgaljin I crowned themselves Khan of Khans, thanks to their strong arm and armies, and their subtle mind and minions.

Among the many who were overthrown by them, there was an ancestry of prince-merchants who swore oaths to their enemies, and who crawled to their feet and begged for their mercy.

“I will spare you people,” the Khan said “but, first, you will swear oaths to me, and accept to be one of my Thousand Eyes. Now I have an empire worthy of a Khan of Khans, unlike the ones of the other Khans before me: nor I know its limits, nor all the people, nor all the regions of my domain. You will travel along the roads of my empire as one of my Wayfarers: you will draw the maps of my kingdom, you will record all that you see and, then, you will report it to me. This you will do, as long as I, and my heirs, please.”

And that is why, from that time on, Torgaljin I was known as Torgaljin of the Thousand Eyes, and their successors were called Khans of Khans of the Thousand Eyes.

The Wayfarer swore their oaths, and their journey began. This is the story of their endless journey.

Nice inspiration, and I like the sound of the game so far. I've been working on something inspired by The Seven Messengers for a little while now, so I'm curious about any other games people may have been designing around it - are there any English translations?


I’m glad you like it. I’ve found an English translation here:

Ah thanks, but I have a translation, I was asking whether the Italian designer community has made any other games based on it (and if so, whether there are any translations).


I wonder what was I thinking of… 😆

Well, not I know of. Both Italo Calvino and Dino Buzzati are in the thoughts of Antonio (our main host) and Alberto, another mammothian, but unluckily there are no games based on their literary works. Yet.

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Not yet... ;)

– Antonio


The Wayfarer is online: