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What are you learning?

A topic by Moaning_Clock created Jan 13, 2018 Views: 159 Replies: 6
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Hey, I was just curious what you will learn in this jam :D I want to learn Pyxel Edit (and I have nearly no experience with pixelart) and also GameMaker :)

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Hey! I'm focusing on learning something about A.I path finding and ray tracing, both things I have no experience in doing before.

Honestly, so far I've been doing more of watching video tutorials and guides than I have programming, so I think it's working!

I wanted to learn more about AI programming for a bigger project I'm doing, so doing a smaller quick project like this is what I needed to learn I think.


Hey there!

Well, over this past weekend was the 25th gm48, for which a friend and I made a small puzzle platformer. I'm currently working on my something new expanding on that project by learning how to properly implement a functioning pause menu, which is something I haven't done before (super new over here). Using Game Maker, and figured this would be a good opportunity to force myself to learn something I know I need but have been putting off.

Aside from this, we hadn't worked on a puzzle game before, so we did our best to make something mildly interesting in that regard, and my friend (he's the artist) took his first shot at fantasy-themed art and created his first song for a game!

Something else I want to try to learn and implement before the deadline for this jam is a save/load function.

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Hey, I'm developing my first shoot'em up game. Actually my first game ever. I started a lot of projects but always quit, since I was trying to build something this is the first time I am actually going to finish one. As for the game, it's a Asteroids clone with some features and the development process is pretty advanced so far but I must admit, I started to develop this game in dezember. Still I would like to share it in this jam, since I designed it to gain new experience . Making smaller games gives you a much bigger confident-boost.


Sounds good! I'll be sure to look out for it!

Are you using any particular engine to make the game?

Yes, as I'm not really a good coder I have to help myself out with easy to use engines. I was building the game with Construct2
Which I can recommend, especially for prototyping. It gives you the possibility to work very fast. But it's also strong if you are planing bigger projects.
I read that you are using GameMaker. I never tried it, are you happy with the engine?


Game Maker has proven to be extremely versatile in the ways that I need it. The only issue comes with html5 formatted games. You have to be really particular with how you do certain things or the html port of the game won't function properly (or sometimes at all). Overall, though, it suits my needs. I like 2d games and like making them, and Game Maker is definitely a powerful tool in that regard.