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This was good fun! I only had time to do one play, but I got up to level 11 or so. Enjoyed what I saw!

There could have been some changes made with some things. The game doesn't really get anymore difficult as it continues, so you could just go forever at this point. Additionally the powerup pickups can fall onto the floating platforms, making them impossible to get. It'd probably have been a good idea to allow powerups to fall through those platforms.

Other than that, good stuff!

I've never heard of Kotlin before (relatively new to programming), is it an easy language to get into? Why did you choose that one?

Hey, thanks for reading it! I know it's long, but sometimes that info is useful to people, so might as well put it out there.

Game Maker has proven to be extremely versatile in the ways that I need it. The only issue comes with html5 formatted games. You have to be really particular with how you do certain things or the html port of the game won't function properly (or sometimes at all). Overall, though, it suits my needs. I like 2d games and like making them, and Game Maker is definitely a powerful tool in that regard.

Sounds good! I'll be sure to look out for it!

Are you using any particular engine to make the game?

Hey there!

Well, over this past weekend was the 25th gm48, for which a friend and I made a small puzzle platformer. I'm currently working on my something new expanding on that project by learning how to properly implement a functioning pause menu, which is something I haven't done before (super new over here). Using Game Maker, and figured this would be a good opportunity to force myself to learn something I know I need but have been putting off.

Aside from this, we hadn't worked on a puzzle game before, so we did our best to make something mildly interesting in that regard, and my friend (he's the artist) took his first shot at fantasy-themed art and created his first song for a game!

Something else I want to try to learn and implement before the deadline for this jam is a save/load function.