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Unlikely ShadowsView game page

Unlikely objects casting familiar shadows.
Submitted by Ashwin Mods (@AshwinMods), ArtistLaddoo — 10 minutes, 38 seconds before the deadline
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Lovely game! I included it in my Kenney Jam 2019 compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Wow, this is a very clever interpretation of the theme! Feels very satisfying to complete a puzzle after rotating it for a few  hours minutes, especially the tree. If the jam were longer and you could continue to work on it a few more days, I'm pretty sure this game would rival the quality of games I browse on Steam (pretty good if you couldn't tell).

I'll be surprised if this game doesn't at least get an honorable mention. Excited to play your games for future game jams!


Man i love your comment. So here is a small story for you,
Our Level designer have a big mouth, which he used to laugh on me while i was struggling to complete that tree level too.  :(
So i made an elephant for revenge  to help him in levels (obviously).
but as we can see, both these levels are now being most hated as well as most loved.
I think that's how level should be made, with emotions (maybe).

Thank you so much for spending hours minutes on the game,  It was very heart burning  warming experience  to  gave you guys a good time.
The idea came very late,  almost 24hrs late hehe. otherwise we could have made few chapters.

But because of the love and time we get from generous people like you, we will work on it and make a polished game out of it. soon!
Thanks for playing.


Wow, that means a lot, we really do appreciate everyone's liking towards the game. We were amazed at ourselves to that we pulled this in under 24 hours in which Ashwin tried his best to play CSGO whenever he got the chance. This jam was a nice break from all the chaos of daily life! so we were enjoying every bit of it but as the jam crossed 1 day mark we switched gears and decided to go for a game that would reflect the theme a bit more, we started designing a few levels and then the shit really hit the fan... it was a battle to design the most outrageous levels. This was my reply to Ashwin's elephant, a chair made with 50 furniture game assets...  we just couldn't finish them in time. 

But soon we'll polish and publish this game with more levels.


Looking forward for that Time you will get time make few more level and publish update -_-
Damm that chair looks depressing, we ain't gonna add that at all. hehe XD


Really nice game. The elephant had some problems being registered as correct, but this really raises the question on how your compare algorithm works. Does it really check the shadow, or does it just compares if the rotation angle is within a specific margin of the correct one?

I'm not sure, but I guess you had in mind to win the most unique assets used price here. But that's ok :D

Btw, your music and credits buttons are not working ;)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

First, Thanks for Playing. and review. 

You are a curious and smart soul, That means you are my kinda guy :D
And because CODE is an hidden world, It's feels awesome when you successfully guessed what an app is doing on that side.

That's the reason i want to give you another chance,
Shadow Check : Think about a correct rotation, and then rotate it at Unity's Z angle, all values between 0-360 are correct values and gives a correct looking shadow , and we haven't even flipped the object yet. So Quaternion or eular angles will give you infinite possible answer.

Elephant : People mostly focus on teeth, and often forget to look on ears that has to be smooth as well.

BTN : Most of the team member quit before we begin :( So we two didn't want to touch that button.


Yeah, since I started my game development journey I'm analyzing each game and try to think of how they did it :D

Thank you very much for the explaination on the shadow check.

If you love rotationary games, you could check out my "Rotate Game". Don't judge the name :D I did this game a little over 1.5 years ago for Android and put it on itch now. In the Android Store it is not available at the moment. You should try to finish level 15 because then the endless mode unlocks which is the best part about this game :D