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You already made it to the winners man :D, Congrats.

If you want more, Here is a small one from my side,
the answer to your shadow check question for "Unlikely Shadows", 
I came from Game Engine background, Vectors, Matrix, shaders is what i know the most,
So, 3 vectors from  World Matrix of an object holds the direction, aka Forward, right and up vectors in Transform.
I'm just checking how accurately the Object is looking FORWARD towards light/camera.

The only time i felt sad during this game is when there wasn't any next level. damm!
Due to my office life, i wasn't able to play all games in jam, but kenney really bring this one to justice.
You deserve every award for it man, i'm wiling to pay if you publish a game with more levels.

Man i love your comment. So here is a small story for you,
Our Level designer have a big mouth, which he used to laugh on me while i was struggling to complete that tree level too.  :(
So i made an elephant for revenge  to help him in levels (obviously).
but as we can see, both these levels are now being most hated as well as most loved.
I think that's how level should be made, with emotions (maybe).

Thank you so much for spending hours minutes on the game,  It was very heart burning  warming experience  to  gave you guys a good time.
The idea came very late,  almost 24hrs late hehe. otherwise we could have made few chapters.

But because of the love and time we get from generous people like you, we will work on it and make a polished game out of it. soon!
Thanks for playing.

Thank you sir, will do that for sure,
Next time, We will also try that you don't do it "very quickly" but have fun at the same time. :P

Thank you for the feedback.

The difficulty really varies from person to person,
These 6 were at almost same difficulty,
but we wanted to add more pages as sets, with inc. difficulty.
Will work and upload a more Polished Version someday.

We are Glad you had some fun. will add more fun soon.

That sounds Fair and i respect your thoughts on it.
I think it is best to create a new page for a polished version, and always have the JAM version around,
So we and others can always see how the fire evolved from a small spark in JAM.

Whatever the result of "Unlikely Shadows" will be, We already won hearts of some people,
Thanks for Participation Exclusive and for organizing the event Kenney.
waiting for next one....

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Thanks for the awesome JAM, it was my first and i will never miss one again.

We submitted the game successfully 10min early..
but as now JAM is over, I want to edit and do some changes to the game,
1) Re-introduce the almost done levels that we skipped due to lack of time,
2) Change the icon, description and page appearance.
3) Do some tweaking of floating constants we put.

Because that work keeps coming to my mind and i'm unable to think of something else for a while.
What are the rules about it ?

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First, Thanks for Playing. and review. 

You are a curious and smart soul, That means you are my kinda guy :D
And because CODE is an hidden world, It's feels awesome when you successfully guessed what an app is doing on that side.

That's the reason i want to give you another chance,
Shadow Check : Think about a correct rotation, and then rotate it at Unity's Z angle, all values between 0-360 are correct values and gives a correct looking shadow , and we haven't even flipped the object yet. So Quaternion or eular angles will give you infinite possible answer.

Elephant : People mostly focus on teeth, and often forget to look on ears that has to be smooth as well.

BTN : Most of the team member quit before we begin :( So we two didn't want to touch that button.

Thank you mate, you just made this epic journey worthwhile.