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First, Thanks for Playing. and review. 

You are a curious and smart soul, That means you are my kinda guy :D
And because CODE is an hidden world, It's feels awesome when you successfully guessed what an app is doing on that side.

That's the reason i want to give you another chance,
Shadow Check : Think about a correct rotation, and then rotate it at Unity's Z angle, all values between 0-360 are correct values and gives a correct looking shadow , and we haven't even flipped the object yet. So Quaternion or eular angles will give you infinite possible answer.

Elephant : People mostly focus on teeth, and often forget to look on ears that has to be smooth as well.

BTN : Most of the team member quit before we begin :( So we two didn't want to touch that button.

Yeah, since I started my game development journey I'm analyzing each game and try to think of how they did it :D

Thank you very much for the explaination on the shadow check.

If you love rotationary games, you could check out my "Rotate Game". Don't judge the name :D I did this game a little over 1.5 years ago for Android and put it on itch now. In the Android Store it is not available at the moment. You should try to finish level 15 because then the endless mode unlocks which is the best part about this game :D